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Published:June 3rd, 2013 15:41 EST
Leapin` Lizards! Japanese Blogger Claims to Have Spotted Some Type of Alien Reptile on the Surface of Mars

Leapin` Lizards! Japanese Blogger Claims to Have Spotted Some Type of Alien Reptile on the Surface of Mars

By Ron G Anselm

Sitting here drinking my coffee at 3:40 am and reading about some Japanese blogger claiming to have spotted an alien reptile which is claiming now to be an alien lizard running amuck around the Red Planet`s surface makes me either want to add a little chaser to my steaming hot cup of Java or stick my head in the microwave and turn it on. I mean come on? A lizard roaming among the little green men, like the lizard was in some beach resort off the coast of the sunshine states white beaches just taking its morning stroll like nothing was going on.

And yes... I am only drinking straight up black, ninety-weight coffee, no chaser in it believe it or not I don`t drink but after reading this article maybe it`s a good time to start.  We do hear a lot of weird stuff on the news and lately a lot more of these types of off the wall stories are making their way to the six o`clock news but lizards on Mars? Maybe the Japanese blogger who claims to have spotted what looks like an alien lizard in some NASA photograph taken by the Rover was sipping on his little black flask like it was a baby bottle and that little black flask wasn`t filled with good Ol` Momma`s milk.

In all honesty, yes anything is possible when we are talking about Mars. Mars has really become the focal point of science because with the onset of global warming and the way we have destroyed our environment and of course the protective ozone layer scientists are jumping ship and trying to find another habitable planet (Earth Two) that we can quickly jump in our limousine rocket ship and relocate to if need be at a moment`s notice and Mars looks to possibly be that next possible planet.

The photograph taken of this strange lizard has made its way to the website called UFO`s Sightings Daily and has sparked a ton of controversy and ideas as to what the thing in the photograph could be. One of the theories and it does make sense is that scientists are conducting a scientific experiment by planting living creatures on Mars to see how they survive on the red planets barren surface. I guess this theory could be true, with the paranoia of the destruction of our planet and the effects of global warming turning our once stable environment into a war zone we probably should be using living creatures as guinea pigs to test if life can sustain on Mars.

Other ideas as to what this thing in the photograph could be are maybe it`s just a little rock minding its own business and lying lifeless on the surface but with the technology of zoom lens on the camera people are saying, No way, Dude! This is totally an Alien lizard! 

"Scott C. Warring, who manages UFO Sightings Daily, asked for readers` reactions while commenting: "This odd creature was discovered on Mars by a person in Japan in March. This animal was not the first to be discovered in NASA photos but is in a long line of strange creatures. Remember the last one we reported that was very similar to a squirrel." (Warring, S.)

Yep, maybe it is some sort of rodent or even a squirrel. If that hairy thing was really a squirrel in the last photograph taken then that little squirrel must have been a flying tree squirrel because as it was zooming through the trees like kids pounding through the monkey bars on a playground, that little squirrel must have got a sudden kick in the rear and shot through the air like an old angry grandma`s foot kicking a would be purse snatcher where it counts because that little squirrel went a long way to make it to the surface of Mars.

I also read that this alien lizard could possibly be one of Obama`s shape-shifter guards? What is a shape-shifter guard? Anyway, some people are speculating that Obama had hired "shape-shifting" reptilian alien Secret Service guards I guess to guard the surface of Mars? Hmmmmm.....but they are also saying that due to the expense of the sequester the White House was unable to afford doing that. I guess anything could be possible at this point.


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