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Published:June 4th, 2013 14:32 EST

Post Office Cited For Overgrown Grass

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Officials in a Virginia city said the federal post office was one of more than 70 properties cited for overgrown grass this year.


Steven Hicks, director of Petersburg public works, said more than 70 properties have been cited for overgrown grass since the start of the year, and the post office was cited the week of May 12 following numerous complaints from residents and business owners."


A post office is an anachronism and incongruous in a high-tech digital world. If I had my druthers most   post offices would be closed, and a post office with overgrown grass would be a common sight.

The grass on the federal post office was mowed last week and the violation notice was removed. Postal workers serve a more useful purpose mowing grass than delivering junk mail.

My mailman spends most of his time chatting with lonely old ladies on his route; I wish the bum would put his time to good use and mow my front lawn.

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