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Published:June 4th, 2013 14:08 EST

Woman gets $130 Ticket for Driving with Dog on Lap

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Oregon woman said she plans to contest a $160 ticket she was issued for driving with her 9-pound dog on her lap.


Diane Martin said she was driving with her husband and had the silky terrier, Barney, on her lap Thursday when she was pulled over in Beaverton by an officer who told her it was unsafe to have the dog on her lap while behind the wheel."


A man cruising down the highway on his pickup with his pooch riding shotgun with his head out the window is a familiar and comforting sight.

A woman driving down the road with her little yapping dog on her lap is a disquieting and disturbing scene.

That pesky little mutt can squirm in her lap causing her to crash into you. The cop did the right thing by issuing her a $160 ticket; I just wish he had thrown her in the slammer for good measure.

Martin said she plans to contest the fine in court later this month; hopefully the judge will be a no-nonsense dude like yours truly.

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