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Published:June 8th, 2013 13:02 EST

Washington Named No. 1 Best State for Bigfoot to Live In: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Washington was named the No. 1  `Best State for Bigfoot to Live in,` according to, with more than 500 reported sightings of the mythical beast.


Estately reported Washington`s heavily forested area gives the big guy lots of places to roam. The state has the fifth most designated wilderness acreage in the country.

Whether or not you believe in Bigfoot, Washingtonians love the monstrous mammal " Skamania County even a law forbidding hunting Bigfoot, there`s a music festival named for him and even a publishing company. "


I can certainly understand Washington tourism officials using Bigfoot to lure visitors to their wonderful state.

I see why local businesses use Bigfoot as a marketing ploy; Olympia Beer is offering a $1 million reward for his safe capture. If you down a dozen Olympia beers you just might see Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, and a couple of UFO`s.

But anybody who believes Bigfoot is real must be a Neanderthal or some other sub-human species. 

If I lived in Washington I would be down with the Bigfoot program, I would attend the Bigfoot music festival and sell the rubes photographs of the mythical beast.

California took second place as a potential home for Bigfoot.  If Bigfoot lived in California he`s already have his own reality show and his own clothing line.

Bigfoot caught on tape. Yeah right, and if you want to buy the Golden Gate Bridge, send me an email.


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