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Published:June 9th, 2013 09:05 EST
Brett Seacat Murder Trial Has Some Strange Qualities: A Former CSI Cop As Perpetrator?

Brett Seacat Murder Trial Has Some Strange Qualities: A Former CSI Cop As Perpetrator?

By John G. Kays

Brett Seacat meticulously carried out a clever plan to murder his wife Vashti, just as if, as a seasoned Kansas detective, he was putting on the shoes of a diabolical perpetrator, and carrying out his wife`s murder from that warped perspective. 

I had been on a restful vacation in Atlanta and Savannah, wanting to avoid any news (especially True Crime news), but found myself mesmerized by the Brett Seacat trial, burning literally like a wildfire from HLN!

Okay, so I succumb to a siren seducing me back into some seedy Gothic flare, where a CSI lawman changes hats, becoming one of the bad guys he`s trained to try and catch. This case has an angle to it that`s a little different, unique really; alright, so I`m back in the game. 

When I returned home after a very restful and satisfying trip to Georgia, I quickly made attempts to catch up on what I had only gotten glimpses of, when watching the news in my hotel rooms.

Sticking in my mind most, was footage of the raging house fire from the day Vashti Seacat lost her life, as well as many photos of Vashti from various times in her life; I noticed that she looked like a very friendly and pleasant lady. This made me wonder whether she was capable of cheating on her husband, such as Brett has accused her of when testifying on the witness stand.

Another inconsistency that throws cold water on your face, is that Vashti looks so happy, balanced, very normal in the multiple pics the media have their hands on; that is, she doesn`t look like someone who would ever commit suicide! 

I realize, that`s not very scientific, but the aura projecting from the photos of Vashti are particularly revelatory in evoking a normal, balanced, nicely wired individual. Odd too, I sense, I seemed to have known someone in my past who looked just like her, yet I can`t recall who it was!

Well, that doesn`t have anything to do with anything, but it is nourishing food for thought; I mean, how could somebody shoot and kill this kindly looking lady? This brings me to a second fairly obvious observation, which is that Brett Seacat is a diametric opposite to Vashti. 

Brett is twisted, conniving, suspicious, jealous - totally psychopathic, I`ll say! Just run the tape again of him calling 911 and telling the operator (with a fake emotional tone) his house is up in flames (which is an understatement) and his wife is dying, if not already dead! Did he rehearse in front of the mirror before picking up the phone?

Alright, so I had some catching up to do, if I wanted to see what all was said by Brett on the witness stand. Well, I must say, furthermore, I wanted to know the entire history of this case, which I don`t recall hearing about (it comes to fruition on April 30, 2011). 

So this is strange too, I was thankful the media had been covering it so thoroughly, so I`d be able to sort through the murky maze of evidence, even dating back to the original pristine interviews between Brett and his colleagues, you know, his fellow Kansas detectives.

It`s almost unbelievable, more like a movie or a TV show, okay so it is a TV show now (I just fathomed); yet the roles have been reversed, it`s the Prince and the Pauper all over again, but now Brett`s the Pauper, he`s the twisted criminal he once was trying to apprehend! 

Couldn`t be anymore perfect, if written by the best writer around for a crime fiction series! No irreverence intended, but the specific forensic evidence is even more intriguing.Did Brett intentionally leave behind a bountiful bevy of incriminating evidence?

Each of these items are worthy of a lengthy newspaper article: the over-head projector, the findings of the coroner, the superficial burn marks on Brett`s body, the forged suicide letter, the traces of gasoline on Brett`s pants, or the documents found on his desk telling how to make a homicide look like a suicide using a fire to disguise it. Seacat`s brought me back to reality after a wonderful vacation; all circumstantial? Not really!