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Published:June 10th, 2013 16:06 EST

Justin Bieber Snaps Pic of Fan's Bra Thrown on Stage

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Justin Bieber revealed he is getting naughtier tokens of affection from fans these days -- namely bras -- in a possible ongoing effort to prove he is more a man than a teenybopper.


Over the weekend Bieber posted a photo of a lone bra resting on a concert stage to his Instagram account, writing, `I guess everyone grows up.`"

Huffington Post

If it`s a training bra it belongs to one of Bieber`s young fans or maybe small-breasted cougar Paris Hilton is looking to snag another toy boy.

Bieber is growing up and so are his fans, before long his female fans will be throwing keys to their hotel rooms on the stage.

The pop star would be wise to get married and resist the groupies, most of them aren`t fans of his music, and they are just dying to slap him with a paternity suit.

Bieber`s music is vapid and irritating, I`m betting he will accumulate a hell of lot more bras than Grammys.

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