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Published:June 10th, 2013 15:40 EST

Lady Celebrates 90th Birthday By Taking CN Tower Edge Walk: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A Canadian woman celebrated her 90th birthday by taking the Edge Walk in Toronto, walking along the 1,197 1/2-foot tall ledge of CN Tower. "



Granny was in no danger of experiencing a "senior moment"  and plunging off the edge to a bloody death. Thrill seekers are tethered to an overhead rail system and walk around the edge of the CN Tower`s main pod above the 360 Restaurant on a metal floor.

However, I must applaud Betty Convery on her bravery; she is an inspiration to Canadians of all ages. When I get to be her age I will be satisfied if I can walk to the bathroom without soiling my diapers.

Convery did the Edge Walk with her grandchildren after her five children chickened out.

Congrats to this delightful elderly lady, she proved that you are never too old to live life on the edge.


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