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Published:June 12th, 2013 11:18 EST

Lady, 75, Fights Off Home Invaders With Old-Fashioned Rotary Phone

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Family members said a 75-year-old New York woman fought off a pair of attempted home invaders by whacking them with her house phone.


The family said the men attempted to force themselves into the Queens home of Margaret Mazzio, 75, around 1:30 p.m. Monday.

Robyn Mazzio, the woman`s daughter-in-law, said one of the men  `started coming inside the house, and my mother-in-law laid into him with her house phone. She swung and hit him right in the head.` "


Supermodel Naomi Campbell has a penchant for hurling cellphones at her maids and other household staff, but her employees have suffered only scratches and perhaps a slight bruise or two.

But the old rotary dial phones were lethal weapons, they weighed a ton and you could stop a bear dead in its tracks by conking him over the head with one of them.

Margaret Mazzio, 75, is old-school, she owns an old-fashioned phone and she doesn`t put up with any foolishness from burglars.

The bad guy ran away with his tail tucked between his legs, and a huge lump on his head.

Leave the pepper spray and the knife at home, you can walk in the most dangerous streets and muggers will give you a wide berth, if you are brandishing a rotary phone.

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