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Published:June 13th, 2013 20:58 EST
Let's Assemble Our Justice League Team by Keeping the Superhero Message Alive and Well!

Let's Assemble Our Justice League Team by Keeping the Superhero Message Alive and Well!

By Vanessa Verduga

Hello good citizen! While my real name is Vanessa Verduga, by night I am Justice Woman, committed to fighting injustice within the legal system and in contemporary society.

You know we live in a time of great contention. The United States we all know and love is under attack "not by terrorists or by an invading nation, but by its own people. Its own people who are politically, religiously and socially separated. The only thing more difficult than fixing the economy is finding common ground with our fellow man (and woman).

My message in my Internet crime-drama-comedy show called "Justice Woman" is what I would call a message of hope, of tolerance, and new age patriotism. We have progressed so much in the way of women`s rights, racial equality, and gay and lesbian acceptance. We fight for what we believe in, and sometimes it works in a big way. We become stronger as a united nation, culturally and philosophically diverse, but still beaming with pride.

These are the values I teach in Justice Woman, a show that`s appealing to all ages "kids, teens, and adults who love their social commentary with some subversive satire. I invite you to check us out at and see what we are all about. 

The creative team and cast members were selected for the LA Web Series Festival 2013 with Vanessa Verduga (me) winning an award for Outstanding Lead Actress and we are already making noise on the independent scene. However, we need YOUR support to keep Justice Woman alive and fighting by:

By Vanessa Verduga
Visiting our website at

Watching & Subscribing at

Liking us on Facebook at

Following us on Twitter@JusticeWoman1 

Justice Woman embraces America, in all of its diversity. We are a melting pot of culture and life experience and we need to come together to make a positive change in society. Don`t underestimate the arts. 

We can help people spread a good message through comedy, drama and spandex suits.