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Published:June 14th, 2013 08:15 EST
Bollywood Actress, Jiah Nafisa Khan`s Heart-Breaking Suicide Letter Reveals Suraj Pancholi`s Flagrant Abuses!

Bollywood Actress, Jiah Nafisa Khan`s Heart-Breaking Suicide Letter Reveals Suraj Pancholi`s Flagrant Abuses!

By John G. Kays

Jiah Nafisa Khan`s (a beautiful Bollywood actress) five-page, hand-written letter, apparently a stirring confessional suicide note, is most heart-breaking! India Today has published the missive in its entirety; one can assume from the despairing tone of Jiah`s admissions, (in her own mind) she is already deceased. This is how I take it; her life, love, and career are in ruins! Nevertheless, is there enough evidence to say her suicide was solely caused by her boyfriend, Suraj Pancholi

It looks so bad for Suraj Pancholi, that he`s even been arrested in Mumbai with the charge, abetting a suicide, a law particular to India that`s not so easy to prove. My understanding of the Indian Penal Code, Section 306, is this implies Suraj pushed Jiah`s hanging death along; he wasn`t exactly there when it happened, but rather (I believe) was projecting out an affirmative psychological force that assured it would occur. How can the authorities prove such an abstraction? 

I doubt that the conspicuous misery emanating from Jiah Khan`s letter will be adequate corroboration to pin down the youthful Suraj Pancholi (he`s only 21). Too, Jiah appears to have been completely obsessed or even possessed by this young man; from a cursive glance at the salient evidence, it assumes a configuration of the Stockholm Syndrome (to me)! That`s a preliminary assessment, I must add, but boy do we wish that Jiah could have gotten a grip on this situation. 

I say this, since she was in show business, where careers can fluctuate rapidly and chimerical relationships may shift treacherously, such as the sands of the Sahara desert. One would think Jiah would have known this, since she had resided in the fast-paced Bollywood scene for at least 10 years. 

The Times of India has clarified, however, that women`s relationships out of wedlock can be interpreted harshly by Indian society, and therefore one must assume, once she got pregnant, she thought that Suraj would marry her, and spare her such societal indictments.

Instead, it looks like Suraj may have mandated the abortion, which will be very hard to prove. Once again, The Times of India has provided some fairly intimate biographical information on what Suraj Pancholi has been up to over the past few years. Yea, it`s been mentioned he`d been dating a bit, but he is only 21 years old. Pancholi is the son of Bollywood stars Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab and had been working incidentally in the film business himself.

He admits to having a temper and admits he had beat up Jiah before; it`s not clear how many times this had taken place, when or where it happened, or how severe the beatings may have been. These beatings also will be very hard to prove, obviously, since Jiah Khan is no longer with us. 

We hear, there were some bruises on jiah when she was found, but these may have been the result of her hanging herself. All and all, this is a very troubling situation! And what`s this about a rape, alluded to in the heart-wrenching missive of Jiah`s? 

Could Pancholi`s abuse been much more serious than we can detect from observable remnants of evidence left behind? Assaulting her, raping her, forcing her to have an unwanted abortion? 

That sounds more like murder to me, or approaching murder (on the threshold of murder)! One can`t help but wonder why Jiah didn`t seek outside support; why didn`t she call the police, if Suraj had done all these awful things? Why take your own life, when someone else is to blame? Is this possibly particular to Indian culture?