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Published:June 16th, 2013 12:27 EST

Tanning Mom (Patricia Krentcil) Ordered To Detox: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Patricia Krentcil the `tanning mom` has been sent to a temporary detox facility after she showed up to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport drunk.


Police were called to the counter of Delta airlines, where they found a drunk Krentcil. Though the tanning mom wasn`t arrested, she was taken to a detox facility to sober up -- essentially tossed in the drunk tank for a night."


Famous people go to rehab, ordinary riff-raff end up in a detox facility. There will be no Dr. Drew to welcome Kretcil to the detox center, and instead of enjoying a bubble bath in a celeb rehab center, she will he hosed down like a dog.

Tanning Mom has been unable to handle her notoriety, and this isn`t the first time she`s got drunk as a skunk in public since she achieved national fame.

Instead of shipping Tanning Mom to a detox center, authorities should have shipped her burnt-out carcass to a factory where they can use her hide to make belts and shoes.

Tanning Mom your 15 minutes of fame are up, for God`s sake get yourself together for the sake of your daughter.


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