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Published:June 17th, 2013 15:07 EST

Christie Brinkley Still Looks Hot At 59

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pictures of 59-year-old U.S. supermodel Christie Brinkley posing poolside for the new magazine Social Life have become an Internet sensation.


Brinkley was recently photographed wearing a black, two-piece ensemble at her home in Long Island, N.Y., and the images helped her become a trending topic on Yahoo! Sunday and Monday."


I never cared much for Billy Joel`s music; his only memorable videos are the ones that featured his gorgeous ex-wife Christie Brinkley.

I fondly recall Brinkley gracing the covers of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues in the late 70`s, it seems time has barely touched the beautiful ex-model.

I know that the perfect light and digital manipulation can work miracles, but all things considered Brinkley still looks hot.

Brinkley has aged very well, but she didn`t push things by wearing a string bikini. Brinkley you are a beautiful and classy lady.


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