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Published:June 18th, 2013 08:29 EST
Real Deal? Will Jimmy Hoffa`s Remains Be Found This Time at Oakland Township?

Real Deal? Will Jimmy Hoffa`s Remains Be Found This Time at Oakland Township?

By John G. Kays

Will the remains of Jimmy Hoffa be found this time? The newest search, one that`s suppose to be serious this time, is in some grassy fields in Oakland Township, which is about 45 miles north of Detroit. The substantial tip comes from Tony Zerilli, who is the son of a former Detroit mob boss Joseph Zerilli. 

How do they know exactly where to dig? We`re hearing, they have to find out where a barn was located, which has a cement slab that`s covering the remains of the famous Teamsters leader.

We`re not hearing the special FBI team has found anything yet; I felt anxious and suspicious this was another wild goose chase. I wondered whether perhaps, finally, they had the Real Deal for what happened to Jimmy when he tried to meet up with some acquaintances at the Machus Red Fox restaurant (in Bloomfield Township) on July 30, 1975. I got dizzy when I thought of all hair-brained theories posited, as to how Mister Hoffa met his demise.

I even recalled the Jack Nicholson and Danny Devito movie (Hoffa-1992) had Jimmy shot right in the Machus Red Fox parking lot; then, of course, his body is placed in car, which is towed away and will be smashed into a tiny cubicle of steel, just like in Goldfinger! Okay, so that part of it still rings true to me, unto this day.

Alright, so I shook my head, trying to rid myself of all the rumor, exaggeration, and out-right fairy tale spinning, that`s been going on every since the day of JH`s disappearance, July 30th, 1975.

A few more sips of my coffee had a sobering affect on me; I needed to bide my time wisely, while we await news from the Oakland Township dig site. I`ve read quite a few books that touch on Jimmy Hoffa, but mainly in conjunction with the Kennedys and JFK`s assassination, such as Mafia Kingfish by John H. Davis. 

My mom even has a copy of The Enemy Within, mailed from Bobby`s office; my grandmother had a copy with a personal letter from Bobby, thanking her for her contributions to John`s quest for the presidency in 1960.

This morning I watched the A & E Biography`s treatise on Jimmy Hoffa, which is very good and can be found on YouTube. Really, Robert Kennedy is responsible for getting Hoffa convicted, which resulted in him having to go to jail in 1967. It was the lengthy jail time that resulted in the reduction of power and influence of Hoffa; now it was Frank Fitzsimmons who was in the driver`s seat.

One fairly convincing theory, is that this was the motive behind eliminating Jimmy. As early as January of 1976, this is what the FBI thought happened (Hoffex Memo); Jimmy wasn`t going to get control of the Union Pension Fund anymore. 

I don`t see any contradictions to this with this latest theory coming from a washed-up mobster (Tony Zerilli), who just needs to set the record straight, before he too joins his old buddies in the cloudy nether world. The point being made, is this was specifically a Detroit operation. 

 Yet I don`t believe Detroit would have done it all on their own; they must have got the nod from upstairs. Hoffa was too big just to be taken out by local union bosses. This is what I think, but I don`t have any citations handy I can give you just at this moment. Moreover, I believe Hoffa played a role in JFK`s assassination, even if it was only a sideline role. He knew, if John was out of the picture, then Bobby would disappear too.

And I believe what Charles Brandt reveals in `I Heard You Paint Houses! `  Frank The Irishman Sheerman had seen Jimmy with Sam Giancano before Kennedy was elected, and get this, Jack Ruby was with Sam; Jimmy knew Jack! I also tend to think that Hoffa was killed, since he knew too much about JFK`s death. Here we go again!