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Published:June 19th, 2013 15:25 EST
Diamond-Rich Planet Boggles the Minds of Some of NASA's Greatest

Diamond-Rich Planet Boggles the Minds of Some of NASA's Greatest

By Ron G Anselm

Believe it or not folks, there is actually a planet that is only forty-light years away from us that is a criminal`s fantasy and a Girl`s Best Friend. No it`s not where perverts spend hours trying to slither their way into a teenage girls fantasy and teenage girls are out to meet her next date, it`s a planet known as 55 Cancri e a distant planet that is made of mostly carbon and the surface temperatures are hotter that the sands of Miami Beach in July, yea...a bit hotter at 3,900 degrees Fahrenheit which if you look at the combination of the rich carbon surface of the planet and the extremely high-temperatures equal the perfect breeding ground for making diamonds. The overall planet is made of mostly diamonds.

The rocky world of Cancri e is very small at only twice the size of Earth but has eight times the mass of Earth which classifies it as a `Super Earth` No wonder it has eight times the mass of our planet, with all the carbon on it and the already made diamonds just sitting anywhere the mass would make the planet harder than the head of anyone of German origin. I should know...and no I`m not hard headed just stubborn at times, so what I am German...

NASA`s Spitzer Space telescope collected data about Cancri e and created a picture of what this rich planet looks like. Nikku Madhusudhan, a postdoctoral researcher at Yale University commented on the find of this diamond planet, Science fiction has dreamed of diamond planets for many years, so it`s amazing that we finally have evidence of its existence in the real universe.  It`s the first time we know of such an exotic planet that we think was born mostly of carbon "which really makes this a fundamental game-changer in our understanding of what`s possible in planetary chemistry." (Madhusudhan, N.)

Since this planet sits so close to Earth if you are on one of your summer Bar-B-Queue parties in your backyard and it is a clear night toward dusk, pull out the old telescope, clean off the lens and look towards the Northern constellation Cancer, you might be able to see a planet with dark skies but a bright star because since this planet sits in our neighborhood its host star is actually visible to the naked eye.

The chemistry of the planets parent star shows the chemistry of it has much more carbon than our sun does.  Nikku Madhusudhan  went on to say, "If we make the assumption that the star and its surrounding planets are all born from the same primordial disk of material; then it makes sense that the entire planetary system would be carbon rich,"(Madhusudhan, N.)

Scientists are speculating that with this new discovery of diamond planets, this new find of out of this world chemistry that makes up these types of planet that this is a completely new class of chemistry that has never been encountered. Princeton`s David Spergel commented on this by saying, "Unlike our solar system, which is dominated by oxygen and silicates, this planetary system is filled with carbon. While it`s still unknown exactly what implication this will have on our understanding of evolution of planetary systems, there`s no doubt it is an important step towards understanding the full diversity of planets." (Spergel, D.)

What this new discovery gives the world of astronomy and science is not only the hope that maybe one day we can all take a weekend trip to this rich in diamond planet and chisel a few rough-edged diamonds for souvenirs and a few bucks on the side but has given science a little more excitement than just hearing about your normal ho hum information on a rouge asteroid or just another planet making science news in our solar systems cyberspace but now Wow! We have found and discovered the richest planet known to man " a planet made-up of mostly diamonds!



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