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Published:June 19th, 2013 17:42 EST

Man Frees Fox With Jar On Its Head: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Two men walking along a dirt road in Russia spotted a wild fox walking with a jar on its head in a new video that`s making the rounds on the blogosphere. Defying the notion that foxes are shy of humans, the animal walked right up to the men, presumably to ask for help."



In Russia I wouldn`t be surprised to see a man walking around with a jug of vodka stuck on his head. But a fox with an empty jar on its head is a rare sight.

Foxes are understandably shy of humans; I wouldn`t be surprised if a kid put the jar on the poor animal`s head.

But this baby fox walked right up the men, and one of them was able to free the hapless creature.

This video has garnered a few views, now if it had been a cat with a jar stuck on its head the video would have elicited a million views and the cat would have his own reality show.

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