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Published:June 19th, 2013 08:19 EST
Why Such an Arduous Search for Jimmy Hoffa`s Remains? Americans Need to Know Their History!

Why Such an Arduous Search for Jimmy Hoffa`s Remains? Americans Need to Know Their History!

By John G. Kays

"The gangsters of today work in a highly organized fashion and are far more powerful now than at any time in the history of the country. They control political figures and threaten whole communities. They have stretched their tentacles of corruption and fear into industries both large and small. They grow stronger every day." The Enemy Within - Robert Kennedy

Bobby knew what was going on, but could do little to stop it; organized crime and the Teamsters Union, via Jimmy Hoffa, had forged an alliance that was beneficial for both, clearly impenetrable and unstoppable. 

Even the FBI (who have a motive of their own for searching the Oakland Township), when under the stewardship of J. Edgar Hoover, were incapable, or perhaps unwilling to block it`s thrust of control and power. How this unsavory alliance came about, is an important question for historians.

The record of who Jimmy Hoffa really was, how he got so much power, how and why he worked so closely with the Mafia, gets at the heart of why so much money and manpower has been invested in searching for the labor leader`s remains.

If we don`t take a close look at our history, and I`m referring more to the unseen history, the shady deals forged behind closed doors, then it will become impossible to see why a whole sequence of national tragedies, wrought with ruthless, outrageous violence (against substantive political figures), occurred in just the way it did.

A gawker wearing a horse head mask at Oakland Township, when talking to reporters, questioned the relevance of the search, since Hoffa is probably dead and the parties who eliminated him are dead also. The reason why it`s so important, is we need to know why it was so crucial to get rid of Jimmy. 

Was it just so that Frank Fitzsimmons could stay in power, or did it go much deeper? Was Hoffa in on the plot to kill the President? Did these people need to silence Hoffa before he said something, as eager and desperate as he was to take over the Teamsters again?

The confiscation of the cement slabs yesterday is encouraging; these were the very harbingers of X marks the spot, as intimated by Tony Zerilli, purportedly a reliable source for bringing partial closure to the Jimmy Hoffa riddle. That is, according to Zerilli, when still alive, Hoffa was taken to this remote barn, knocked on the head with a shovel, buried alive, then covered with cement to seal his tomb for eternity! A hideous but viable scenario of what may have gone down!

This puts a terrorizing image in your head; echoes of Edgar Allen Poe`s Premature Burial. Jimmy himself wasn`t such a nice guy, one might rationalize, as they contemplate the horrible ending he came to, after a tumultuous life spent in the defense of the working man (or so he claimed).

But a deal with the Devil was necessary to make it possible to help American labor. The companies had used thugs to break up Teamster strikes; all Jimmy did, is recruit stronger muscle to counter the thugs used by the Capitalists. This eases our understanding for how this came about.

But ultimately, (we`d like to know) was Jimmy consumed by the same powers that had originally put him where he was - the most powerful labor leader our country has ever seen? Perhaps as powerful as the President himself? And if he conspired to kill JFK (and I believe he did), then even more powerful. This is the reason we have to keep digging!