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Published:June 22nd, 2013 21:44 EST

Russian Dude Steals Bridge

By Robert Paul Reyes

A Russian was arrested for stealing a bridge this week after police said they followed drag marks to his home.

The 23-year-old man in the northern Vologda region apparently hooked the small steel bridge to his tractor and hauled it away to sell as scrap metal.



Con artists who sell rubes famous bridges are a dime a dozen, but this Russian dude may be the first person who has stolen a bridge, lock, stock and barrel.

I give this crook credit for having the gumption to steal a bridge, but apparently he doesn`t have the brains to match his heart.

Even Barney Fife could have solved this caper; the police followed the drag marks to his home.

This moron needs to be locked up for a few years, to make a few bucks selling the bridge as scrap metal he inconvenienced dozens of people who use the bridge every day.

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