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Published:June 24th, 2013 15:37 EST
American Bulldog Rescue Facing Financial Crisis Calls for Donations

American Bulldog Rescue Facing Financial Crisis Calls for Donations

By SOP newswire

American Bulldog Rescue was founded in 1999 and is a nonprofit, no kill dog rescue specializing in all types of bulldogs. Carey Johnson, the director of the Southeast Chapter faces new challenges daily rescuing animals in crisis.

Unfortunately, American Bulldog Rescue has run into hard times and is drowning in medical debts due to taking in many dogs experiencing medical emergencies.

First there was Jewel and her baby Rose. Jewel was pulled from a shelter in South Carolina, and thankfully, sent to a foster home. Jewel lived with her foster family and their children until one evening when Jewel was let out she gave birth to one puppy in the pouring rain (no one knew she was pregnant). Shortly after giving birth that evening, Jewel began to hemorrhage badly. A Lab Rescue that had fallen in love with her searched for the other puppies and rushed her to the ER. They were certain she was going to die in the backseat of their car. Jewel`s eyes began to fixate until she heard her baby cry. The sound of her one and only puppy brought this beautiful girl back to life long enough for the ER staff to have some time to work on her. Still critical, she was not expected to make it through the night. In order to save her baby a vet tech took Jewel`s puppy Rose, home to start bottle-feeding.

Mom and baby were reunited 2 days later.

Rocky, an 8 ½ male American Bulldog has experienced much sadness and pain in his life. His heart was broken when the only family he ever knew since he was six weeks old decided to give him up, deciding they no longer had time for him. This senior dog has impeccable house-manners, a joyful personality, and his love of the simple things in life. This well-mannered soul gave his family his all, his love was unconditional and in return he was dumped at a shelter when he needed them most. Rocky`s family allowed a 10" long testicular tumor to grow until it was almost dragging on the ground. It`s bad enough to dump a dog but to dump a senior when they need you the most takes a certain kind of callousness. ABR just couldn`t allow this sweet dog to die confused and suffering from a broken heart. They stepped up to the plate and did what they could to help this polite and deserving senior dog out.

Ramathorne, affectionately known to his foster family as "Rammy," is a young, handsome laid-back dog. He was abandoned by his so called "family" and dumped at a local shelter. ABR took one look at this sad boy sitting in the shelter through no fault of his own and knew they had to save him. Shortly after arriving in his foster home Rammy wouldn`t eat, started to fall over, and became very wobbly on his feet.

After several trips to the vet, numerous tests, and a second opinion, Rammy was finally diagnosed with an inner ear "vestibular", that is fortunately treatable with meds. The second vet found a one inch slice in poor Rammy`s gums from a sliver of a tooth (or something else that may have broke off), which caused the infection to spread all the way up into the ears. 
Despite being dumped and left to suffer with illness and infection Rammy maintains a pleasant, positive attitude,

General was a throwaway dog dumped at an asphalt company in Florida which has become the new dumping ground for unwanted dogs. General has a mouth full of worn down and broken teeth from eating rocks to survive. Luckily, the workers at the asphalt factory fell in love with him and started feeding him and letting him sleep under the carport. When American Bulldog Rescue heard his story there was no way they could leave him there to die alone. General is ready for a forever home but until then, and with a lack of foster homes, this loveable dog is stuck in boarding and the bill is quickly mounting.

And then there`s Willie. Judging from Willie`s initial condition, he appears to never have had a moment`s peace in his life. It`s apparent from his lack of teeth and the few remaining ones ground down to little nubs. This strongly indicates that this gentle boy probably spent his entire life at the end of a chain. It`s fairly certain this poor guy chewed his way to freedom.
Willie`s body was covered from head to toe in fleas with all over sores. Willie`s life appears to have been shear misery until he decided he`d had enough. Willie took his chances and wandered up to a stranger`s door. And, as luck would have it, a Good Samaritan took pity on him and helped him find his way to safety.

But sadly, he still had some bad luck to contend with. Just when life was on the up and up for this awesome boy a bump was discovered by his nose that continues to rupture. Willie has been scheduled for a biopsy that will require sedation early next week.

It`s stories such as these that teach us what a group of dedicated, compassionate individuals can do when banding together for the sake of another. They show us that a single act of random kindness can achieve miracles. They instill in us the power of their advocacy and their courage to fight for the voiceless and the defenseless.

We all need to help American Bulldog Rescue continue their very important work. We cannot continue to turn a blind eye and stay within our all too comfortable positions of apathy.

To help dogs like these please contact

Or, chip in to their current fundraiser to help defray the mounting medical bills.

About the Author

Denise Carey-Costa has been a lifelong advocate for animals. She has written numerous children`s books promoting kindness and compassion for all creatures and raising awareness for the plight of unwanted animals. Denise tours with her books to schools and libraries teaching the importance of spaying and neutering your pets, adopting a shelter pet and how to report animal cruelty. Visit and all other book retailers to see books written by Denise Carey-Costa.