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Published:June 24th, 2013 16:28 EST
Scientific Invention and the Creative Life Behind It

Scientific Invention and the Creative Life Behind It

By SOP newswire2

In the book, The Shirtsleeve Invention: The Story of a Man and an Idea, author Gloria Beasley Lausten provides readers with a unique and honest perspective on the inventor of the thermal protection system for the space shuttle. 

The Shirtsleeve Invention details the personal life of Robert Martin Beasley and his time working on the thermal protection system for Lockheed and NASA. Written by his wife and filled out through stories of Beasley`s coworkers and friends, the story of Robert Martin Beasley`s life and career takes shape throughout this two-part biography. 

Through letters, home video transcripts and business communications, Lausten creates a connection between reader and inventor that conveys a fascinating story of a family man, scientist, the creative process and space exploration. The use of these first hand accounts and original documents offers an intriguing and open look at both the inventor of a significant material in space travel history and the relationship between Lockheed and NASA. 

Gloria Beasley Lausten wrote this book to not only tell the inspirational and influential story of Bob`s life, but also in the hope that this book would serve as an inspiration for those struggling to overcome difficulties while following their creative passions. 

The Shirtsleeve Invention appeals to a variety of interests, ranging from space and engineering to creativity and history. The book contains not only the scientific aspects of the thermal protection system, but also the creative process behind the critical and influential invention that helped make space travel a reality.


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The Shirtsleeve Invention: The Story of a Man and an Idea

By Gloria Beasley Lausten

ISBN: 9781453589137, 9781453589144

Softcover, retail price: $19.99

Hardcover, retail price: $29.99

E-book price: $9.99 

About the author

Gloria Beasley Lausten currently lives in Sunnyvale, California. Lausten loves creativity, art and writing. She and Bob were married for 46 years, and this book is the fulfillment of a promise she made him to share his story.