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Published:June 25th, 2013 17:47 EST
How to Create the WOW! In Life

How to Create the WOW! In Life

By Jay Forte

"Everyone has the same amount of time, and hard work is simply hard work. As a result, what you do in the time you work determines what you achieve. And since what you do is determined by what you think, how big you think becomes the launching pad for how high you achieve." Gary Keller from his book The ONE Thing

Thoughts create beliefs create actions; little thoughts, little beliefs, little actions. Our motto at The Greatness Zone is life`s too big to play small. Life`s too big to have small thoughts, small beliefs and small actions. This amazing thing called life is best lived when it is really experienced " when we dream big, think big and act big.

So think about the things you did this week. Honestly, how would assess them " were they big or small? How did you choose to show up to your relationships, your family, your hobbies, your work and your community this week? When given the opportunity to think big, dream big and do big, did you?

Yeah, me either. At least not as much as I could have. I found so many places this week where I let myself be intimidated or afraid " so I decided to play small and safe. From not letting myself play full out in front of an audience, even to the way dinner got thrown together one night instead of carefully, creatively and lovingly assembling it into something amazing. So how do we change this? 

Consider these 3 ways to move your thinking from small to big. 

  1. 1.      Focus on what you are exceptional at. Whether it is reading, debating, cooking, caring for others, running companies, teaching others " know what it is and then focus your greatest energy into it. You are already good at it " the extra focus will dramatically expand your success, ideas and thoughts about it. You aren`t great at everything (sorry if this is different than what your parents told you). You are, however, extraordinary at some things. These are the areas where your thinking and therefore actions are your greatest. Think big in your best areas.
  2. 2.      Give yourself time. In our rush-rush life, we rarely give ourselves time to be fully present and experience our moments. We fly through them so quickly that we sometimes don`t even remember them. Slow things down " do fewer things better. Do fewer small things and more big things. This is how you soar. This is how you start to think (and ultimately act) big. Find your one or two big things and give them all you have.
  3. 3.      Encourage others to think and play big. When you encourage others to find their thing, dream big and make their dent in the universe, not only do you amplify their world but you increase yours. You experience their energy and it feeds yours. Though your ideas are different, you feel empowered by watching others reach for more and show up in a more significant way. 

Life is ours to invent " each moment of each day. It can be ordinary or extraordinary. It can be small or big. Since it is our choice, I choose big. I want a life that, when it looks like it is nearing its end, I have no regrets, I made my impact and I showed up as the best, largest and most amazing me.  And in the words of the Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw, Life is not a journey to the grave with intentions of arriving safely in a pretty well-preserved body, but rather to skid broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming, `WOW! What a ride!`  

So, today, right now, what can you do to expand your thoughts to dream and act bigger " and to go for the WOW ride in life? Life`s too big to play small ever.