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Published:June 28th, 2013 08:18 EST
Natasha Jugo Washes Up on Gilgo Beach; Eerie Similarities With Shannon Gilbert!

Natasha Jugo Washes Up on Gilgo Beach; Eerie Similarities With Shannon Gilbert!

By John G. Kays

On Monday night, at around 9:30 PM, some people were walking along Ocean Walk in West Gilgo Beach, when they noticed what looks like a body slowly washing up on sand, the shore. An initial news report from Newsday (published on 6/25/2013 at 6:13 PM), which was also syndicated on the Huffington Post New York edition, suspected the body of a woman washing up on Gilgo Beach was that of 31-year-old Natasha Jugo, who disappeared in this same area on March 18th. Were random pieces of the puzzle- mystery finding a home?

Not so fast! Well, we do know now, this watery body is Natasha Jugo, but how did she get in the sea? And when did she get in the sea? Was it more than three months ago, when her blue Prius was found on the beach? What was the cause of her death? An autopsy is under way now in Suffolk County, but I`m not a very patient person. And why were the authorities so quick in saying there`s no connection with the undetectable phantom, you know, the Long Island Serial Killer?

Is it irresponsibly romantic or a quirk of Gothic thrill-seekers, who want to include Natasha in their litany of bodies found on Long Island? It`s safe to say, that case could soundly be made by science-bound, modern day criminologists; but they could be wrong! Did Suffolk County botch the Shannon Gilbert crime investigation? I`m of the opinion they did; I believe the Long Island killer was chasing her, since Shannon could identify him. I play this tape over and over in my head, as I`m sure Gus Colletti does. 

"Help me, help me please," is something how the tape sounds in my mind; how did Shannon`s jeans get off her body, if she drowned in the mucky marshland? (Switch scenes) Why did Natasha Jugo come to Gilgo Beach on March 18th? Who was she meeting? Was somebody following her? Was she paranoid or delusional? Why did people think Shannon Gilbert was delusional, when what she feared was going to happen to her, actually did happen to her? 

There`s two blatant reasons for this, and both are false and stupid: one, she was a prostitute, and two, she used recreational drugs. Yet Shannon frantically spoke to a 911 operator, sharing her deepest trepidations at being pursued by this serial killer (it`s only later, we realize it`s him), for 23 petrifying minutes. Gilbert was scared to death; this fear for her life was real, it couldn`t be a drug-induced hallucination! But, what does this have to do with Natasha Jugo? (To me) the similarities between the two cases are shocking!

The strongest link, is that both women were highly agitated, or paranoid, thinking, or rather certain in their knowledge that some crazy, homicidal person was following them. They both ended up dead, didn`t they? Perhaps, you geniuses out there, they were passionately pursued by a hunter, who did in fact fulfill his dark mission of eliminating them, before they exposed his identity to the cops. Shannon tried to warn them, yet no one listened to her crying pleas for help!

An extension, linking the two women who came to twin tragic demise, is their slayor is one and the same man, the Long Island Serial Killer, who remains unidentified, undetected for something like 30 years. If Natasha was put in the water back in mid-March, then why didn`t her body wash up on shore at that time? This disturbing misplaced fact leads me to believe her body was only put in the water on say, Sunday (June 23, 2013). The medical examiner, hopefully, can determine how long the body had been in the ocean.