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Published:July 3rd, 2013 14:02 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Erik Peter Carlson, Executive Producer/ Writer/Director of The Toy Soldiers

Judyth Piazza interviews Erik Peter Carlson, Executive Producer/ Writer/Director of The Toy Soldiers

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

 Erik Peter Carlson`s filmmaking style has been illustrated by critics as one with a decidedly European flair; an Italian/German technique. EPC was born and raised in Upstate New York to a family of film enthusiasts. It was only natural for him to be intrigued by the medium at an early age. At the age of 10, he was introduced to a new technology of making movies with the Fisher Price PXL-2000 camcorder. This camera, which was marketed to and for teens, recorded five minute movies on audio cassette tapes. From this point on, EPC was rarely seen without a camcorder in his hands.

During his early twenties, he was inspired to write and develop more serious projects. One of which was a full length documentary entitled `Apartment F`. The film followed the life of a man who was just released from a mental institution. The documentary mainly explored how the townspeople reacted to the subject`s release. Such themes that have resurfaced in EPC`s later work.

In his mid to late twenties, he spent the majority of his time writing screenplays that he never intended to make. He considered the writing of these scripts "therapy". During this time, Black Bay Entertainment (Choosing Connor/Grinder) in Los Angeles immediately optioned one of his scripts for a period of two years. After two years, and no film made, Carlson decided to take back the rights to the picture and develop the project himself.

During the period of raising funds for his first feature `Transatlantic Coffee`, he wrote a sitcom pilot with co-writer Shane Carlson to be presented to cable and network executives. With the assistance of friend, Mark Doering Powell (10 Things I hate About You, Everyone Hates Chris and My Boys), EPC developed the project and raised the capital to shoot the pilot in January 2010.

In the fall of 2010, he started production (Executive Producer/Writer/Director) on `Transatlantic Coffee`. The film was completed in 2011, winning numerous awards and rave reviews at film festivals across the globe, including best picture, screenplay and director, actor and supporting actress. `Transatlantic Coffee` opened in the fall of 2012.

Carlson is in production on his next writing, directing feature, `The Toy Soldiers`. Release is set for 2014.