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Published:July 5th, 2013 15:39 EST
Manifesto of Bangladesh Peoples Democratic Party (BPDP)

Manifesto of Bangladesh Peoples Democratic Party (BPDP)

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Manifesto of Bangladesh Peoples Democratic Party (BPDP)

1. We will control the food price in order keep it under the ability of general people of Bangladesh. The maximum price of rice will be Tk 22 and the minimum price will be TK 12. We will control the price of Food Market and uproot different unlawful activities there.

2.  We will resolve the electricity problem and will reduce the price of electricity. We will take proper steps to control unnecessary and unlawful use of electricity. We will establish Nuclear Power Plant in order to fulfill electricity problem.

3. We will implement the question Why. We will empower every citizen of Bangladesh to ask the question Why regarding any matters to any institution of Bangladesh.

4. We will uproot the terrorism, corruption, nepotism in Bangladesh. We will ensure full independence to our judiciary system.

5. We will develop our law-enforcing agencies. We will arrange proper training, instruments to our law-enforcing agencies. We will stop all types of human rights violation by our law-enforcing agencies.

6. We encourage the development of industrial sectors in Bangladesh. We will provide maximum support and cooperation to local investment as well as foreign investment.

7. We will solve unemployment problems in Bangladesh. We will give maximum efforts to the manpower export in different countries of the world.

8. .We will empower the women in our national sectors without any discrimination. We will enact the appropriate laws to stop repression against women in Bangladesh. We will ensure 33% seats of women in our parliament.

9. We will ensure freedom of religion. We will enact proper laws to safeguard the dignity and respect of religions in Bangladesh.

10. We will establish all principles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in Bangladesh.

11. We will do everything for the betterment of the citizens of Bangladesh.

12. We will follow the policy of `friendship towards all and malice towards none` in case of international affairs.

13. We will take the initiative to formulate a comprehensive regional water policy along with India, Nepal and Bhutan for regional water security.

14. We will take initiative to protect Bangladesh- including planned migration abroad- from the adverse effects of climate change and global warming. Facing natural calamities, planned reduction of air pollution, prevention of industry and transport related air pollution and disposal of waste in scientific manner will be ensured. Steps will be taken to make Bangladesh an ecologically attractive place through retention of forests and water bodies and prevention of river erosion as well as relevant problems.

15. We will ensure Housing for All. In every union and upazila, `growth center`, centric village housing and in towns housing with modern amenities will be implemented.

16. We will expand road, rail, river and air transport and telecommunication systems. The construction of bridge, tunnel for Padma and Karnaphuli rivers, connecting Bangladesh with Asian Highway and Asian Railway, improvement of port facilities, building of a deep sea port to open up Bangladesh ports to countries of Asia will be implemented. In Dhaka, construction of metro tunnel, elevated rail and circular rail to remove traffic jams and to solve public transport problems will be studied forthwith in order to undertake a feasible project. The project will then be implemented on a priority basis.

17. We will ensure good governance through establishing Rule of Law and avoiding Political interference. Human rights will be established on a strong footing with a view to ensuring rule of law. The basis of appointment and promotion will be merit, efficiency, seniority, honesty and loyalty to the Republic; political connection will have no relevance.

18. We will develop bilateral relationship with the countries of the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Palestine, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait as well as Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia will be maintained. Solidarity with the Muslim Ummah and economic cooperation within the framework of OIC will be enhanced. Steps will be taken for establishing fruitful relationship with the countries of Africa and South America.

19. We will develop cooperation with the developed countries including USA, European Union, Japan and Canada. Friendly relations will be strengthened with Russia, China and the member states of ASEAN. Initiatives will be taken for enhancing and deepening relationship with Australia and the Pacific countries. A South Asian Task Force will be formed for meeting the challenge of terrorism and militancy. However Friendly relationship will be maintained with India, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar, our neighboring countries, in the context of further strengthening cooperation with all. Regional and sub-regional cooperation will be further strengthened including relationship with the member countries of SAARC, BIMSTEC and D-8.

20. We will develop our Sports sectors. The Sports arena and organizations shall be depoliticized. Improvement of management, training and facilities shall be made for enhancing the standards of sports to international levels. Sports and exercise for physical and mental development of the children, the adolescent and the young shall be made compulsory for all education institutions.

21. We will take proper steps to develop our defence sector. So that our defence and the law enforcing forces can participate more widely in the U. N. and the Peacekeeping Force and make further contribution to international peace.

22. We will keep the armed forces above all controversies with a view to building it up as a patriotic, brave, efficient and invincible force. The defence system will be improved for the security of the people and the country. A National Defence Policy will be formulated according to international standard.

23. We will ensure freedom of all types of mass media and flow of information. Initiatives will be taken for community radio services, besides national radio network. We will ensure proper investigation and trial of assassination of victimized journalists and the real criminals will be given exemplary punishment. Persecution and intimidation of journalists will be stopped. All false cases against them will be withdrawn immediately. We will ensure proper training to the journalists.

24. We will adopt proper labour policy according to international standard. Discrepancy in wages between male and female workers will be removed. National minimum wage will be re-fixed and a permanent wage board will be formed. To meet international demand, trade wise training will be given to produce and export skilled manpower. As per ILO convention, the right to trade union will be granted. Rationing system will be introduced for all labourers including garment workers, ultra poor and rural landless farm labourer, as special consideration.

25. We will adopt the integrated policy and plan to protect the country from the adverse effects of global warming; to create pollution free environment and to save water resources. Projects will be undertaken for river dredging, water conservation, flood control, prevention of river erosion and protection of forestry. Attempts will also be made for restoring and maintaining ecological balance. Initiatives will be taken to implement the Ganges Barrage Project to expand irrigation facilities, prevent salinity and to solve the problem of scarcity of sweet water in the Sundarban region.

26. We will ensure the provisions of urban facilities and distribution of Khas land among landless farmers. Efforts will be taken to ensure that the lease of khas ponds/haors will be given to genuine fishermen. All land records will be computerized and a land reform commission will be formed to ensure increased production and social justice in the distribution of land and water bodies.

27. We will strengthen Union, Upazilla and District Councils through decentralization of power. District Councils will be transformed into centres for implementation of programmes on education and health and all other development plans, and programmes, and for maintenance of law and order, every union will be made the headquarter for development and administration of the area and be developed as a planned rural township. And every Upazilla the headquarter will be developed as an industrial growth centre and a planned township. The power and sphere of responsibility of City Corporation and municipalities will be enhanced; the standard and quality of civic facilities will be improved. Overall we will develop the local government and we will ensure the proper distribution of government funds to the poor people.

28. We will ensure the on-going reform programme of the Election Commission and electoral system. The Parliament will be made effective and the government will be made accountable for all its activities. Wealth statement and source of income of the Prime Minister, members of cabinet, Parliament members and of their family members will be made public every year. Except for some specific subjects related to the security of the state, Parliament members will be allowed to express differing opinions.

29. We will take action against Corruption. The strong measures to fight against corruption will be put into place. The Powerful people will have to submit wealth statement annually. Strict measures will be taken to eliminate bribe, extortion, nepotism and corruption. Strong measures will be taken against those having unearned and black money, against loan defaulters, tender manipulators, and users of muscle power in every stage of state and society. State or private monopoly will be broken up. Discretionary power of officials will be curtailed. To establish peoples` right, The Citizens Charter will be introduced in every department. Opportunities for corruption will be eliminated or minimized through widespread computerization

30. We will take opinion of the citizens by using modern technology in case of any government project. We will never do anything which will be harmful for the citizens of Bangladesh.

Advocate Md Mahmudul Hasan
Secretary General, Bangladesh Peoples Democratic Party (BPDP)
Cell: +88 0173 0300443