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Published:July 8th, 2013 13:46 EST
Edward Snowden, Europe, America, Democracy and the Law

Edward Snowden, Europe, America, Democracy and the Law

By SOP newswire2

The debacle involving American whistle blower, Edward Snowden, has inadvertently highlighted the unacceptable subservience of EU countries to the political demands of the United States congress. That ostensibly sovereign, independent European states should have closed their airspace to a civilian aircraft upon political instructions from the US, is apparently a gross violation of international law and accepted international agreements.

That in itself is abhorrent to the principles of human rights, of freedom of movement and of international conventions by a claimed democratic state. However, it is considerably worse than that which is already apparent.

The United States congress, by virtue of the aid and trade that it gives and conducts with a majority of the most important states on the planet, has acquired a destabilising, global political and economic power that is not only completely undemocratic but also detrimental to world peace.

But it is even more worrying when the constituency of the US congress is examined.  Every candidate for nomination to congress is first vetted by a powerful, privately funded lobby called AIPAC, which is an unelected pressure group that acts in the interests not of America, but of the state of Israel.

So the question is: who ultimately controls the lives of the 503 mill citizens of the 28 EU member states? Is it the democratically elected European parliaments of Britain, France, Germany et al, or is it a US congress that has been vetted to ensure compliance with an AIPAC political agenda?

The answer to that question is vital for the future of both Europe and the world, and it is just possible that Mr Edward Snowden has the answer. Which is presumably why a civilian aircraft was inexplicably forced to land in Austria, this week,  in an apparently astonishing act of international piracy.

By Tony Bellchambers,  LONDON UK