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Published:July 10th, 2013 13:40 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Heather Cathleen Cox, Columnist for RGV Beyond Arts and More Magazine

Judyth Piazza interviews Heather Cathleen Cox, Columnist for RGV Beyond Arts and More Magazine

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Heather Cathleen Cox is the CEO of the multi-national company, Cup of Conversation which officially launched in 2012, after being formulated and planned since early 2010. 

Last year, Cup of Conversation launched its first season (a test season referred to as Season Zero) of webisodes which were received well by audiences across the US and in twenty-eight other countries. Re-runs are debuting on our Facebookpage every week until the new season (Season One) begins airing in late-August. 

What is Cup of Conversation? "Well, I like to believe Cup of Conversation is a light, hopeful place in a dark, gloomy Internet world. C of C is full of intelligent blogs (writing, poetry, informative pieces), uplifting music, inspired art and of course the ever-popular TV station," said Heather. 

"I designed C of C as a friendly spot, where people of any persuasion and creed are welcomed and invited to "sit down with a cup of something lovely" and discuss life in a hopeful way. Often, I discuss the topics elected by viewers. I`m very transparent and "genuine," and viewers are loyal because of that. If you watch a few webisodes, you`ll see that I`m just myself...having a chat with my friends. I truly treat and consider "Cup of Conversationers" my dear friends!"

Aside from our new season of webisodes, an interesting highlight of her syndication would be a project called Trouble and a Soldier (TAAS). This journey began when my Cup of Conversationers asked her to discuss online dating. In TAAS, she candidly shared the story of a young woman who struggles not only with life but with the love of two men, whom she gently references as "Trouble" and "Soldier."  

Beyond Arts Magazine currently serves the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio and Austin areas. The Magazine was created to give artists and art lovers a voice and bolster the appreciation of the arts. It is a platform where artists from every facet of creativity can share their passion and experience. Our mission is to be the primary promoter of art and art-related work across Texas.

Every issue features a variety of Artists profiles; including art teachers, outstanding art students, art collectors, art curators, museums, sculptors, and extraordinarily gifted persons "

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