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Published:July 12th, 2013 12:10 EST

Photographer Calls Suri Cruise, Daughter of Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, B-Word! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The tiny offspring of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise emerged from a New York City building into a scrum of paparazzi earlier this week, immediately telling them to  `stop it` and  `get out of the way` as she walked to her car, Holmes smiling politely to her side as they walked.


When one loud-mouthed photographer yelled `little brat` and other names at the small celebrity, she hopped into her SUV while fellow paparazzi turned on the heckler."

ABC News

The photographer also referred to the 7-year-old Suri as a "little bit**"  for good measure. As usual I will take the contrarian view, and commend the photographer for putting the little brat in her place.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that nutcase Scientologist Tom Cruise and his clueless ex-wife Katie Holmes have turned their daughter into a monster of epic proportions.

Since Suri was an infant Cruise and Holmes have dressed her in designer clothes and paraded her before the paparazzi. When parents take their children to the chimpanzee exhibit in the zoo they would be well-advised to warn them not to tease the chimps, lest the beasts hurl excrement at them. Holmes should have taught her daughter not to be rude to the paparazzi lest they pepper her with insults.

Children are to be seen not heard; Holmes should teach Suri to keep quiet in public. Cruise and Holmes created a spoiled rotten child, and it`s certainly not too late to teach Suri good manners.

Holmes demonstrated good sense by kicking Tom Cruise to the curb; let`s hope she shows some more good sense by seeking counseling for hersef and her daughter.

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