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Published:July 12th, 2013 11:43 EST

Wasabi-chan, The Cutest Kitten In The World Rocks A Mushroom Costume

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Wearing a super cute crocheted mushroom costume is never guaranteed to improve a sick kitten`s health " but it certainly appears to help.


Abandoned moggy Wasabi-chan was rescued from the street by a blogger in Japan after a brutal crow attack left her with severe injuries.

 `She was attacked by a crow,` explained Reddit user DopeSk1llz. Her top jaw was fractured, a hole in her throat, tongue was ripped, and part of gum was eaten."


I`d rather sashay down Main Street sporting a skirt and wearing stiletto heels, than subject my cats or my dog to the indignity and humiliation of wearing clothes.

It`s anathema to force a pet to wear a kitschy sweater or a silly hat. Felines and canines are blessed with fur; they don`t need to wear a sweater to protect them from the cold. I`ve never seen a bald-headed kitty or puppy; they don`t need to wear hats to protect their noggins from the sun.

However I must admit that Wasabi-chan rocks her cute mushroom costume, and there`s a practical reason why her owner put it on her. The little kitten needs to be feed with a tube which she hates, thus her owner created this costume to hold her down while feeding.

The adorable kitty is making a remarkable recovery from her injuries, and cat lovers from all over the world send her prayers and good thoughts.

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