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Published:July 15th, 2013 17:47 EST
Get Beyond Arts Magazine Delivered Straight to Your Home

Get Beyond Arts Magazine Delivered Straight to Your Home

By SOP newswire2

"When I say artist I mean the one who is building things ... some with a brush - some with aa shovel - some choose a pen," - Jackson Pollock 

Beyond Arts Magazine is a monthly publication dedicated to the arts which features a variety of artists` profiles,  art teachers, outstanding art students, art collectors, art curators, museums, sculptors, outstanding chefs who have made cooking an art, tattoo artists, talented barbers and hairstylists who have excelled in their work by making it an art, graphic artists, auto body painters as well as people working in museums and art shops throughout the state of Texas and beyond.

"Our mission is to be the primary promoter of art and art-related work across Texas and beyond," said Oladayo Sanusi, President Litewill Holdings, LLC and  Beyond Arts Magazine.

Beyond Arts Magazine currently serves the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio and Austin areas and beyond. The Magazine was created to give artists and art lovers a voice and bolster the appreciation of the arts. It is a platform where artists from every facet of creativity can share their passion and experience and share it with the world.

"We bring you fresh issues every month, weekly art related news and weekly happenings in the art world and now we can deliver the magazine straight to your home," said Sanusi.

July`s issue features `Artist Behind the Entrepreneur: An Introduction to Rick Ivey,` `Best Specialty Coffee Shop: How MoonBeans Maintains its Prominence` and `Grover Terry Beaman: A Fighter with A Pen and a Brush.` Also, don`t forget to check out this radio interview with one of Beyond Arts Magazine`s finest, Heather Cathleen Cox on The American Perspective Radio Program with Judyth Piazza.

"I congratulate my team for a job well done. On behalf of artists all over the world, on behalf of our supporters, on behalf of our great team at Litewill Holding and Beyond Arts Magazine, and with gratitude to the lord for making this happen, I declare our new website open to our fans, friends and everyone around the world and I am so happy that the magazine can now be delivered to our readers homes around the world," Sanusi said.

Beyond Arts Magazine supports the arts, defines the arts and caters to the art lovers reads and needs.

It`s All About the Arts. It`s All About the People. It`s All About You!" 

Check out their new website and get your copy today at