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Published:July 15th, 2013 16:47 EST
You`ve been fired! Now What? - Michell Spoden interviews Victor Kwegyir

You`ve been fired! Now What? - Michell Spoden interviews Victor Kwegyir

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On SOP today, Michell Spoden interviews Victor Kwegyir. Kwegyir lives in London, UK, but originally is from Ghana in West Africa. He is a business consultant, entrepreneur, speaker and author of the book You`ve Been Fired! Now What?

Michell: Please tell us a bit about your new book. Did you have a partner?

Victor: I wrote this book - You`ve Been Fired! Now What? - Seize the Opportunity, Creatively Turn It into a Successful Reality with my co-author Tonia Askins, a business consultant from Louisiana-USA. Our book helps anyone transform a job-seeking challenge into wealth creation opportunities. In this collaborative project, we walk you through identifying enterprising possibilities and opportunities around you. The book enables the reader to creatively navigate through the transitioning process after being laid off or experiencing underemployment, by providing you with the necessary options to help you create a better, secure and successful future. Whether you have completed high school or earned a doctorate, are a stay-at-home mom or dad, or professional woman or man on the go, neither unemployment nor entrepreneurship discriminates. Also included are proven principles, strategies, systems and 40 potential businesses you can start, part time or full time. For existing business owners, 33 proven principles, essential business systems, the business life cycle and other successful business examples will equip you to propel your business to the next level. It`s a timely, easy read, packed with key business essentials to succeed in today`s ever changing marketplace.

Michell: What inspired you to write this book?

Victor: As international business consultants, irrespective of our practice in different continents and countries, we both have solution focused mind-sets as we daily help our clients grow their businesses. The state of the current global economy, has placed a lot of individuals in positions that they have never faced before with no solution or direction for the way forward. That is primarily what gave us the necessary motivation to write the book as a resource tool, knowing that it is possible to creatively turn around the dire situation. That is, whether you have lost your job, are underemployed or seeking ways to better improve your current financial situation. Indeed our faith, education and professional experience has contributed immensely in believing in possibilities irrespective of the challenges one may be facing at any given time in life.

Michell: Please tell us a bit about your partner. How long have you known each other?

Victor: It has always been an interesting story to tell. My  partner  is a business consultant from Louisiana " Tonia Askins. She contacted me via email a year ago after listening to one of the radio shows I featured as a guest. The link of the show had been posted on LinkedIn and someone had shared it with her. It took me a couple of days to access the email. However, as soon as I read it I replied and we arranged to speak on phone. From our first conversation, we knew what we wanted to write about. Although we have never met in person, we could easily identify with the challenges many people are facing with respect to job loss and underemployment situation. Given our professional backgrounds, personal experiences and the passion to help others who have been in similar situations, we were able to write this practical and insightful book. Which inspires, and offers great options and opportunities to readers to transform job-seeking challenges to wealth creation opportunities.

Michell: Have you written other books? 

Victor: Yes. My first book is titled The Business You Can Start: Spotting The Greatest Opportunities in the Economic Downturn. This book challenges the notion that economic downturn is all doom and gloom, showing you why a downturn period is among the best times to start and grow a new business. This book also has 30 Ways to Identify Business Opportunities anywhere in the world, how to take advantage of the downturn to start and grow a profitable and successful business. It also highlights the many advantages and benefits of starting a business in a period of adverse economic conditions. Offering you the best marketing, advertising, pricing and selling strategies, you can adopt to make profit and be successful. It also explains the various processes, business models, legal requirements and essential considerations required to start and grow a successful enterprise. The book takes you through the practical steps of what it takes to not only outline your business plan but what you will need in terms of executing that plan.

Michell: You are not just an author but also a business man. Can you please share with us what sort of business you are involved with right now?

Victor: I am currently the CEO and Founder of Vike Invest (UK) Ltd, a growing International Business Consultancy firm in London, UK. With over fifteen years experience in business, I also have my business motivation speaking and publishing businesses. I love to inspire and challenge individuals to look beyond any present circumstance or difficulty, critically weigh all possible options taking advantage of available tools and resources to create a better economic future for themselves. I use every means or tool I can find to communicate and equip people in doing just that.

Michell: Why do you love business so much?

Victor: I believe business is an `attitude` which when you master can enable you succeed at anything in life. There are many benefits of going into business. However, the ability to have the freedom to earn unlimited income, doing what you love and prepared for, and using the income in the way you want, especially to help fund various great causes of your choice inspires me a lot. Haven said that, business is the avenue through which I trade my passion in helping others succeed in their lives and business.  

Michell: What are the main sets of principles you use in a business formula for success?

Victor: I love and believe in principles. Principles to me are like sign post on the journey of life. For anyone to succeed, they must have enough principles to guide them on the way. I have three core principles and one ethic I live by. They are Value for Integrity, Knowledge, and Excellence. The name of my business (Vike) is carved out of these core principles. The ethic that undergirds these values to me is: work as if everything depends on you, pray as if everything depends on GOD. " When you have value for those three " Integrity, Knowledge and Excellence - and undergird them with strong work ethic and dependence on GOD, it is almost impossible not to succeed in this life and afterwards eternal life.

Michell: If you could have been anything else other than a business man, what would it have been and why?

Victor: I may have been still in business but potentially as a criminal lawyer and a counselor.

Michell: Do you consider yourself a humanitarian? If so what causes do you love to be a part of?

Victor: The whole essence of my existence in life is hinged on my ability to develop my passion, skills and experience and use it to help others. Haven said that, I believe that apart from praying for people, almost every other problem requires resources to effectively solve it. Thus, my passion for business and helping others know how to do it and do it right. I give to various causes, but largely through my Church (KICC " England) and other major ministries who run various projects and programs worldwide such as TBN and CBN. I also give to friends` individual causes. However, I give in only cause I strongly believe in.

Michell: What are some of your future goals?

Victor: To me, living is giving, and I can only give what I have. Thus, my desire and focus is to write more books, organize more business seminars and speak at events to inspire and equip attendees and support more organizations in changing and improving lives towards a peaceful and successful future.

Michell: Victor, thanks you very much for this interview and best wishes for your quest to help others in the business world. 

Victor: Thank you very much Michell for this opportunity.

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Michell Spoden is the author of Stricken Yet Crowned and is also pursuing a transitional housing project for woman with an agricultural aspect. She has a degree in Business Science Administration and is finishing her bachelor`s in Project Management.