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Published:July 16th, 2013 14:55 EST

City Slicker Complains About Topless Servers At 'Redneck Heaven' Bar

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Officials in Lewisville, Texas, are discussing a redefinition of nudity law, after complaints about servers` attire at an eatery called Redneck Heaven.


Lewisville Community Relations Manager James Kunke said police received a complaint about the skimpy waitress attire at the restaurant and bar, and responding officers found female servers wearing only body paint and pasties over their breasts."


I assume that a bar and restaurant called "Redneck Heaven` wouldn`t attract customers looking for gourmet cuisine and Harvard educated servers.

"Redneck Heaven" will attract the type of customer who will complain that there`s only one stick of butter for his baked potato, and too much body paint covering his server`s breasts.

Obviously the complaints about nudity were made by a tourist or a stranger who wasn`t comfortable in the countrified and raunchy ambience of "Redneck Heaven."

Dude, next time pay attention to the name of the restaurant, it just ain`t redneck heaven without topless waitresses.

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