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Published:July 16th, 2013 14:30 EST

Jenny McCarthy Will Replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck On 'The View': Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"One of the vacancies on ABC`s longtime hit daytime television talk show `The View` has been filled by Jenny McCarthy, the former Playboy Playmate and actress.


Ms. McCarthy will fill one of the empty chairs left by the departures of Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, both of whom had long been regulars on the program. "

New York Times

The following statement may be a wee bit sexist,a tad gratuitous and slightly mean: The panelists of "The View" are old and decrepit, and they have the all the sex appeal of a spoiled head of lettuce.

A couple of years ago I gave up sex for good after hearing Behar, Goldberg and Barbara Walters chat about female sexual gratification.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was the only conservative, and more importantly the only attractive woman in the morning talkfest.

I don`t know, and I don`t care, if McCarthy is conservative, liberal or a communist. I`m just grateful that Walters, the executive producer of "The View", realized that if she wanted to retain her precious few male viewers she had to replacement Hasselbeck with an equally drop-dead gorgeous female.


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