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Published:July 18th, 2013 08:18 EST
Finding Andrea Sneiderman Guilty as a Co-Conspirator in the Murder of Her Husband Rusty Sneiderman Wrought with Peril!

Finding Andrea Sneiderman Guilty as a Co-Conspirator in the Murder of Her Husband Rusty Sneiderman Wrought with Peril!

By John G. Kays

Andrea Sneiderman, the widow of her slain husband Rusty Sneiderman, indicted for his murder as a co-conspirator (in cahoots with Hemy Neuman), is set to go on trial ten days from now, beginning July 29th. I became interested in the case right from the get-go, when hearing on the news of Rusty`s slaying at a Dunwoody day care (I got involved on November 19, 2010).

I observed right from the start, there was something very different, very unique about this case; some two and a half years later, that hasn`t changed one iota. The parties involved here (who are highly intelligent and mostly rationale) got caught up in an emotional windstorm or darkest of maelstroms, that`s something akin to the timeless (flawed and shady) characters in the classic Hollywood movie, Double Indemnity!

Still to this day, I can`t see what obvious character flaws there were in Rusty that might have caused Andrea to have such a great deal of contempt for him, unless it was that he was too smart, too ambitious, and too successful for his own good. 

Was or is Andrea a very wicked, conniving woman who simply used Hemy as a killing machine to get rid of her husband, so she could come into a great deal of money? My intuition is telling me this is true, but it`s also telling me it will be very, very hard to prove this (undercurrent) in court by the Dekalb District Attorney.

We can put together (from Hemy Neuman`s trial) some of the incriminating evidence the prosecution may have against Andrea. Much of it, I suspect, must be electronic, documents pieced together from emails and phone records; a great deal of electronic evidence was left behind by Andrea and Hemy, which must weave a tale of conspiracy to murder, I should think, or else the State wouldn`t be able to put her on trial.

One can`t help but wonder though, when putting themselves in a criminal`s driver`s seat, why these two highly intelligent techies didn`t cover their tracks a little better.

The most obvious blooper of Andrea`s, which just might get her convicted, is that she admitted on the witness stand, that she wasn`t aware that Rusty had been shot (the morning of November 18, 2010) until she got to the hospital. However two people talked to her on the phone that morning before she got to the hospital. 

Her father-in-law, Don Sneiderman, testified she referenced Rusty had been shot, while speaking with him on a cell phone. How did Andrea know that, prematurely speaking? Didn`t Hemy call her before this, telling her what he had just done?

Where else could this information have been ascertained? The same thing goes for Shayna Citron, supposedly a good friend of Andrea`s; but boy does Shayna have some firm knowledge as to what this woman was up to! Shayna knew Andrea was having an affair with her fellow GE co-worker, Hemy Neuman.

 Furthermore, Shayna too spoke with her on the phone that fatal morning, and she slipped with an admission that Rusty had been shot. I might point out also, the Dunwoody day care had phoned Andrea about the emergency regarding her husband, but they never pinpointed why he was taken to the hospital.

Prosecution can easily prove Andrea committed perjury, but can they prove she`s complicit in the planning and summary execution of Mr. Sneiderman? It will be hard, it stands to reason, unless she typed some very specific instructions into a computer. Was Andrea setting Hemy up to be the hitman? 

I sense she was, but how can you prove that; Hemy`s going to have to pin her down and spill the beans about how she used him to snag 2 million in life insurance and around another million in assets (all of which will go to her lawyers now anyway). While Hemy is stewing in a jail cell, he might re-consider, it`s payback time for this Black Widow!