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Published:July 19th, 2013 15:00 EST
NASA's Hubble Telescope Reveals Hidden Link Between the Age of Stars and their Orbital Habits

NASA's Hubble Telescope Reveals Hidden Link Between the Age of Stars and their Orbital Habits

By Ron G Anselm

"The link between the age of any element living or non-living could be the wisdom that reveals the habits of how those living or non-living creatures or matter act or think." (Anselm, R.)

When I was a kid I used to love to sit down with my Grandmother and listen to those stories she told me that had more wisdom in them than three point six beer has alcohol in it. She would tell me stories about the Great Depression or about things that happened in her life that were important to her. I could feel the emotion in her stories and could pick out the wisdom she was educating me on. I still remember a lot of those stories she told me and I use some of the wisdom she shared with me today.

The link between anything that has been around a while and the way that person or in this case scientific element behaves probably comes from the age of that matter or living creature. NASA has sort of brought this concept to light recently when their Hubble Space Telescope determined the orbital motion of two distinct populations of stars located within an ancient global cluster. These stars have sort of taken on a personality of their own and have given the world of science the wisdom of how formed at different times in the past and have shed insight on what the world of astronomy was possibility like back in the early days of its existence.

The global cluster of stars that were studied are located in what is known as the cluster 47 Tucanae which is located about 16,700 light-years away in the Southern constellation Tucana. The data collected from this enabled researchers to analyze for the first time the link of movement of the stars in clusters with the age of these stars. The two populations of star studied differ in age by less than one-hundred million years.

Harvey Richer of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and is one of the researchers on this project commented on this by saying, "When analyzing the motions of stars, the longer the time baseline for observations, the more accurately we can measure their motion. This data is so accurate we can actually see the individual motions of the stars in the cluster. The data offer detailed evidence to help us understand how various stellar populations formed in such clusters." (Richer, H.)

These clusters of star within the Milky Way galaxy are the main relics from our galaxies formation and first years of existence. These stars are the focal point that gives scientists information from the early history of the Milky Way galaxy. Tucanae 47 is 10.5 billion years old and is the brightest o the Milky Way`s 150 global clusters of stars. The whole cluster measures about 120 light-years away.

So, to complete each puzzle of the scientific objective and to link the complete puzzle together scientists have taken the study of the varying chemical compositions of these stars and have found out that there are episodes of multiple births of stars. The data taken from the Hubble Space telescope supports this hypothesis but also adds in another link to the puzzle suggesting the orbital motions of the stars in this analysis.

 NASA used Hubble`s Advance Camera of Surveys to study these clusters of stars. They combined these observations with what is known as 754 archival images to measure the change in position of more than thirty-thousand stars. Using the data collected from this study scientists can identify how fast these stars move and can also measure the brightness and temperatures of each star.

The Stellar Archaeology studies two distinct populations of stars. The first population of stars studied consists of redder stars which means these stars are the group of older stars and are less chemical enriched and these stars are also orbiting in random circles. The second population of stars studied consists of bluer stars which mean these groups of stars are younger and more chemical enriched and are moving in more of elliptical orbits. Sound kinda like the difference in people in a retirement home versus a High School prom dance.

So, whether you are sitting in the backyard with your Grandmother on a hot afternoon sipping unsweetened ice tea listening to those many wisdom filled grandparents stories that grab your attention or you are NASA studying the older elements within our universe it really doesn`t matter the older elements whether living entities or groups of stars in the Milky Way galaxy are the focal point to wisdom and learning new things the wisdom way beats the quality of information you will learn over what any college textbook will ever be able to teach you.


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