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Published:July 19th, 2013 09:49 EST
Stephen Stippo Rakes Found Dead; Is there a Tie-In with the Whitey Bulger Trial?

Stephen Stippo Rakes Found Dead; Is there a Tie-In with the Whitey Bulger Trial?

By John G. Kays

Stephen Stippo Rakes is found dead Wednesday, in the woods, and it`s not suspicious, possibly suicide? No way! No wallet or cell phone found on or near the body, which looks as if he died somewhere else, then was dumped by this walking trail in Lincoln, Mass., west of Boston. 

Friends and family are positive Rakes would never commit suicide; Stephen was physically active and didn`t drink, according to a friend Jim Sullivan. There`s something more than meets the eye here, and we sense there`s a sizable tie-in with the riveting Whitey Bulger trial, but what`s the connection (everyone is asking)?

Too many coincidences and perplexing circumstances that look too much like a Martin Scorsese movie to believe the cards lined themselves up (the way the news is reading) arbitrarily in just this way! 

Much of the story of the infamous Winter Hill Gang is known to me, but bits of this fantastical tale have never seen the light of day (not the authentic [truthful] version, anyway), such as what really happened in the South Boston Liquor Mart shakedown, that went down in December of 1983.

The tendency here (at least for myself), is to ask the question, how can Rakes` death be linked to what`s going on in Whitey Bulger`s sensational trial, such as Kevin Weeks` testimony, where he said Stippo had willingly let go of the South Boston Liquor Mart (once called the Rotary Liquor store) for 100 Grand (the correct figure may`ve only been 67 K). 

Of course, Rakes insists he was savagely liberated of his prize by a gun and a switchblade, when Bulger and Weeks paid him a friendly little visit, back in late `83. The Gang needed a legitimate front to launder drug cash through. Okay, so why was Stippo silenced, and so late in the game, I might add?

Rakes had been put under the hot lamp by the Feds before; he kept his yap shut, probably out of fear of the omnipotent Irish Don. But contrary to this brilliant brainstorm of a theory (I`ve concocted), Stippo was told by the prosecution on Tuesday, he wouldn`t be needed on the witness stand. Apparently, this upset him tremendously, since he has been waiting patiently for thirty years to tell his Tale of Woe! 

We`re even hearing he had a BOMBSHELL to reveal; you know where this is going, this further information, this richer detail to the already terrifying saga of a shakedown (classic Mafia extortion), maybe, *(no, probably is) what got him iced! Yet, how could an 83-year-old washed-up mobster still have such long and deadly tentacles?

Alright, so my ramped imagination is getting away from me somewhat; I need to stick to the journalistic angle at hand, but the only problem I`m having, is that the fantastic reporters (especially, Kevin Cullen) over at the Boston Globe are coming up with the same scenario - friends and family of Stephen Rakes are suspicious also, he was hit so he couldn`t talk no more!

I`ve stuck to a bunch of terrific news stories on Stephen Rakes this morning, feeling as if I`m grounded in the facts, as they cross the wire; still the finding of Stippo`s body (with no traces of trauma, as a result of inflicted violence) in a tranquil wooded area comes across as surreal to me (an occurrence from an earlier era). 

Whitey ain`t ever gettin` out of the CAN, but is he still in charge of things? Now there`s an exciting new assignment for those crack reporters over at the Globe!