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Published:July 20th, 2013 19:02 EST
Shadow in Need of Help in Greeneville, South Carolina

Shadow in Need of Help in Greeneville, South Carolina

By SOP newswire

Every stray has a tale. If they could talk imagine the stories they would tell us. Their stories of abuse, neglect, loneliness and abandonment. Each one tells of a broken heart and a broken spirit, let down by the ones they loved and trusted the most. Stories that will anger us as we question man`s inhumanity to his fellow creatures.

Carmen Klapper of Carmen`s Rescue has worked with many hardship cases in Greeneville, South Carolina. The work is extremely difficult and emotionally challenging. They do not pull strays from shelters but instead work the streets looking for dogs in neglectful situations and getting them safely away from their abusive owners.

Recently they came across a lonely dog named Shadow. He is a 7-year-old brindle Pit Bull who has been given a life sentence of being chained to a tree behind an empty house. The person responsible for taking care of him lives next door but did not care for him as he was her daughter`s dog. So Shadow was trapped in this lonely hell hole living every dog`s nightmare. Shadow`s only shelter from inclement weather was several pieces of an old, broken down dog house; his drinking water and food sources were filthy and inedible.

Carmen and her volunteers` first efforts to help Shadow were to build him a new kennel   to shelter him from the heat and rain. Carmen talked to the woman responsible for Shadow and asked her to at least provide him with clean food and water which she promised to do. However when they went back to check on him a second time his living conditions were just as appalling as they were the first time they were there. One volunteer took Shadow out for a walk while Carmen and another volunteer cleaned out his kennel and gave him food and water. Shadow, excited by his new found freedom off the chain and getting attention from Carmen and her crew was devastated when they took him back to his prison area. He was so distraught he had to be carried back as he refused to walk. Carmen knew at this point they had to get Shadow out of that environment fast or he would die.

His caregiver advised Carmen she was sick of Shadow anyway and was planning to give him to the first person who wanted him which could mean going to a dog fighter who would only want Shadow as a bait dog. She did not see any wrongdoing in her treatment of Shadow. 

Shadow was finally liberated from his prison on July 11th 2013 by Carmen`s Rescue. He was immediately taken to a vet where it was discovered he is HW positive, his teeth were in terrible condition, and require a dental specialist due to one of his K9`s being split in half and infected. An x-ray of his heart showed advanced stages of heartworm indicating Shadow would have been dead in a few months if he stayed with his original owner. The heartworm treatment will be very complicated, long and painful given his age and the damage already caused by the heartworms. All of this could have been avoided had he been given better care by his owners. Through all of this Shadow remains a loving, gentle dog who does not mind having other dogs and people around him.

Needless to say funds are desperately needed for Shadow. Please help in any way you can by contributing to his chip in.

He has a potential adopter in Chicago. Let`s all help this special dog go live the better life he deserves. 

No dog is born wanting to live their life at the end of a chain, lonely, neglected and with their basic needs ignored. Why then is there such a disparity between some dogs being adopted into loving homes where they are treated with kindness and all their needs met by responsible owners and other dogs ending up like Shadow sitting day in and day out behind an empty house in lonely misery?

It all stems from ignorance. Carmen`s Rescue makes an effort to better educate the public on proper care of their dogs as well as providing food and spay and neuter services. They also work with the local Animal Control and are not afraid to charge owners with animal cruelty.

To see more of Carmen`s Rescue`s success stories and lives saved go to the following links.

In the words of Jane Goodall: "If we do not do something to help these creatures, we make a mockery of the whole concept of justice."

About the Author

Denise Carey-Costa has been a lifelong advocate for animals. She has written numerous children`s books promoting kindness and compassion for all creatures and raising awareness for the plight of unwanted animals. Denise tours with her books to schools and libraries teaching the importance of spaying and neutering your pets, adopting a shelter pet and how to report animal cruelty. Visit and all other book retailers to see books written by Denise Carey-Costa.