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Published:July 20th, 2013 11:00 EST

Should Lindsay Lohan Be Locked In A Coffin To Cure Her Of Drug Addiction? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Russian prosecutors said they are investigating a rehab clinic accused of locking addicts in coffins to provide them with a glimpse of their futures.


The representative (for the prosecutor`s office) said experts are being consulted to determine whether the treatment is a legitimate and effective technique."


Pop tart Lindsay Lohan is undergoing a court-ordered stint in a rehab center that is more like Club Med than a serious medical facility. I wouldn`t be surprised if there`s a mint in LiLo`s pillow every night, an if she receives a swag bag when she`s released. Oh, the privileges of celebrity: When you commit a crime you are slapped with a wet noodle on your wrist, and you do hard time in a health spa/rehab center.

The troubled thespian should have been shipped to this rehab center in Russia. If this pampered bimbo were locked in a coffin, it just might persuade her to finally give up booze and drugs.

Russian prosecutors have consulted experts to determine whether the unusual treatment is a legitimate and effective technique.

In America namby-pamby experts like Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil would immediately dismiss locking addicts in coffins as cruel and unusual punishment.

But I`m old school and I believe in tough love, and if I were the director of a rehab center I would love the hell out of Lohan by locking her in a coffin for days at a time.

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