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Published:July 22nd, 2013 15:44 EST
Lucky - An Inspiring Story for Kids

Lucky - An Inspiring Story for Kids

By Ernest Dempsey

Denise Carey-Costa writes empowering, uplifting stories for children. Her stories teach compassion for animals, particularly for animals with a disability or physical limitation that makes them less attractive at first sight. Lucky (Robertson Publishing, 2011) is one such heart-warming story about the life of a homeless cat, named Lucky, who is lucky enough to survive on the street against accidents and people`s neglect.

In the story, Lucky is a character that calls for compassion, being himself a model of love and care as he befriends a lonely boy with a disability. The two find each other as best friends but Lucky is not accepted by the boy`s mother. How he ultimately fins her place in the boy`s home is the inspiring tale of Lucky that will entertain children while also teaching an invaluable lesson in care and love.

The book is written in an interesting style with a good deal of suspense that keeps the reader turning page after page to learn what happens to Lucky as he hopes for having a family while facing rejection due to his ugly appearance. The story`s illustrations have been provided by Nicole Sjostrom and Jonathan Iseminger and they visually complement the story well.

Lucky will touch hearts and amuse kids and make a great read for kids in school and at home. 

ISBN: 978-1611700350

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