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Published:July 23rd, 2013 11:54 EST

The Horror, The Horror! Geraldo Rivera, 70, Tweets Semi-Nude Selfie! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Geraldo Rivera, who tweeted a nearly naked photo of himself early Sunday morning to the shock and horror of thousands, if not millions, offered an explanation for his actions on his syndicated daily radio show on Monday. To summarize: he was drunk, lonely and into himself." "


The Wrap

It was 2:30 on a Sunday morning when an inebriated Geraldo Rivera took this nearly naked selfie and posted in on Twitter.

If I was 70, and I looked hallway as good as Rivera would I post a nearly naked pic of myself on Twitter? Hell No! Not even if I was drunk, high on grass, and lonelier than hell.

Rivera claims that 70 is the new 50 -- but dude 70 is still just a heartbeat away from death. A septuagenarian has absolutely no business taking a topless pic of himself.

The Fox News reporter has finally come to his senses and deleted his infamous selfie. But the harm has already been done, how many unsuspecting people suffered a stroke or a heart attack after viewing the pic?

Damn Geraldo, please delete your Twitter account lest you be tempted to embarrass yourself again.


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