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Published:July 24th, 2013 12:12 EST

Dude Wins Beer Drinking Contest, Then Dies Of Alcohol Poisoning

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Joaquín Alcaraz  Gracia entered a beer drinking contest in Spain Wednesday, and after reportedly drinking six liters (about 12.5 pints) in 20 minutes, won the annual drinking festival`s top prize.


Witnesses believed he was suffering alcohol poisoning and contacted emergency services. By the time medical personnel arrived, Gracia was reportedly in cardiac arrest. The 45-year-old passed away shortly after his arrival at the hospital."


Gracia started vomited immediately after he was declared the winner, which isn`t surprising. If you consume gallons of beer in 20 minutes, it`s going to come gushing out of one body orifice or another.

Who`s the biggest moron, Gracia who won the contest but ended up losing his life or the bar owner who will certainly be sued by Gracia`s family?

The UPI article included this comment by a reader:

If he had smoked 12.5 blunts in 20 minutes, he would have eaten a carton of ice cream a pizza and taken a long nap.

Amen! Marijuana is a natural herb and not a dangerous drug like heroin or alcohol. Regardless how much weed you consume, you won`t be in danger of taking an eternal nap.

Moral of this story: Legalize weed!

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