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Published:July 25th, 2013 08:17 EST
Will Femme Fatale, Andrea Sneiderman Get Away with Cold, Calculated Murder?

Will Femme Fatale, Andrea Sneiderman Get Away with Cold, Calculated Murder?

By John G. Kays

Why is the DeKalb County prosecution (purportedly) going to drop the more serious charges (Malice Murder, Felony Murder, and Aggravated Assault) against Andrea Sneiderman? Georgia has more on Andrea than Florida ever had on Casey Anthony! 

True, their case against Ms Sneiderman is circumstantial, but cumulatively speaking, one item after another is stacking up to prove Andrea was the mastermind behind the execution-style (point blank) shooting death of her husband Rusty Sneiderman.

They`re getting cold feet is not looking so good, and now she`ll probably walk on all the lesser charges, when selected jurors experience them waffling on the meat of the matter, Andrea Sneiderman is a chilly fish of a femme fatale black widow (well, you get my drift)! 

The other side of the argument, which I don`t buy, is that the prosecutors may believe they have over-charged her initially (bit off more than they can chew), and she`ll walk without any problem, since they don`t have damaging enough evidence on her. Pussycats!

One eye-opening item I saw on Nancy Grace last night, which I knew something about before, but not just this precisely, is that phone records show Andrea called Hemy Neuman only 11 minutes after Hemy had completed his military style mission.

I`m of the opinion, this call transcends the threshold of circumstantial evidence; I find it to be more tangible and direct. And in support of this (well thought out) assertion, Sneiderman called her co-conspirator 6 more times on the way to Atlanta Medical Center. Duh! That was a stupid thing to do, and DeKalb still can`t cage the feisty fox?

Further fuel bolstering my strong feeling that the District Attorney, Robert James, shouldn`t waffle on the (provable) murder charges against Andrea, is that it will be equally difficult to prove that Andrea and Hemy were having a steamy affair, and therefore, where is proof of perjury? 

That evidence is just as circumstantial as the murder charges are, and the jurors are not going to be any more convinced of the prosecution`s case than they would on the murder rap; actually REASONABLE DOUBT will reek throughout the courthouse!

Maybe a bartender in South Carolina saw them fondling one time, but that`s not proof of an affair. Nor are emails exchanged or text messages any kind of direct proof of implicit hanky panky. Andrea`s going to walk and she`ll get to keep the two million in life insurance she collected just a few months after her husband was riddled with 4 bullets at a Dunwoody day care. 

The easy (piece of cake) collecting of this sizable life insurance bundle of cash was definitely her motive for setting up poor, dumb Hemy! Most shocking of all, we`re hearing she didn`t start to point the finger at her GE boss until the  gargantuan check had cleared the bank (further strong circumstantial evidence)

And what happened to this life insurance company? What company did Rusty go with? Isn`t there a claims adjustor working there of the magnanimous caliber of Barton Keyes (Edward G. Robinson)? Keyes would do some snooping and try to catch the culprits; why`d the insurance pay out so quickly without asking too many probing questions? 

And now Ms Sneiderman is weaseling out from under the not too piercing radar of a wimp-ola prone prosecution. Raymond Chandler wrote an excellent screenplay for Double Indemnity; he must be laughing like a hyena from Heaven (when watching the circus antics in Atlanta); or maybe he resides in Hell, where the slimy side of Los Angeles` crime fiction writers usually reside.