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Published:July 26th, 2013 08:19 EST
Exactly How Did Dr. Robert Ferrante Poison His Wife, Dr. Autumn Klein, with Cyanide?

Exactly How Did Dr. Robert Ferrante Poison His Wife, Dr. Autumn Klein, with Cyanide?

By John G. Kays

The news that Dr. Robert Ferrante was arrested yesterday for poisoning his wife (Dr. Autumn Klein) with cyanide is shocking to me! While I didn`t hear of this disturbing set of facts until this morning, the malicious act apparently occurred on April 17th at the couple`s Pittsburgh home, when Dr. Klein drank some kind of energy concoction (prepared by her husband), that purportedly would enhance the possibility of pregnancy. A conceivable motive, put forth by the media, is Ferrante`s suspicion that his wife was having an affair.

My primary source thus far is mainly is a Pittsburgh CBS local news service, KDKA/AP, which seems to be reliable, since they`re on the ground there in Pittsburgh. I`m backing that up with stories posted by BBC News, ABC, and I`m even looking at a Fox News report (that doesn`t happen very often), but I`m feeling comfortable with Pittsburgh CBS local KDKA, since they`ve been on top of this difficult to swallow saga from the get go (for around 3 months now). 

Still, I wonder about the back story, the psychology of criminal intent, and the physical carrying out of a vindictive plan, which must have its origins as a mere thought process, brewing in Dr. Ferrante`s troubled brain. And the levels of anger that were building up inside of the Pittsburgh doctor surely were tremendous, as he learned his wife was cheating on him; did he also find out she would leave him soon? His motive for murder is clearly jealousy and a sense of betrayal, such as Othello had for Desdemona in Shakespeare`s famous play.

I`m imagining my own back story, but I don`t believe it`s veering too far away from the salient particulars we`ve been dealt by reliable sources.  Still, I`m having trouble understanding exactly how Ferrante did it, and why did he use a University of Pittsburgh credit card to purchase more than a half pound of cyanide? Did he want to get caught? And what`s this about paramedics noticing `a small glass vial near a resealable plastic bag containing a white substance that Ferrante told them was creatine?`  Well, I looked up creatine on Wikipedia, and I understand it a little better now.

My question is, though, did Autumn Klein drink down the liquid in the small glass vial or was this used by Ferrante to complete his lethally prepared concoction, earmarked for his intended victim, his own wife. Well, further confusion comes from reading that a witness, who was working in a lab with Dr. Ferrante, noticed the same resealable plastic bag, which apparently had this creatine stuff in it; (I would think) this was the energy drink the demented Dr. was referring to, when he exchanged texts with his wife a few hours before he returned home (when the deed was done). 

I`m thinking, the cyanide was kept separate from the home-made energy drink, but I can`t confirm that, since I`m having to read between the lines from the skeletal body of facts I`ve been dealt. There`s still time to get it all straight, and working it out on paper is a great way of testing your hunches; this guy is a chemist, a scientist, and now we suspect a twisted murderer who thought of a clever plan to get rid of his wife, who he felt had betrayed him. Still, he left a trail of incrimination behind him: a lab witness, a credit card receipt, a glass vial, and a resealable plastic bag.

I better back up a minute and try to get a grip. I might be getting this all wrong, I don`t know. I need to see that clip of Dr. Autumn Klein on the Discovery Channel again; is it possible that Dr. Klein was more famous than Dr. Ferrante, and therefore he was infinitely jealous of her? I`ll need to run that by you again. And what`s this about Robert laying low in St Augustine Florida? And why did he suddenly flee Florida a few days ago?