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Published:July 26th, 2013 10:26 EST

Should Anthony Weiner Give Up Politics & Become An Adult Movie Star?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Anthony Weiner is so narcissistic and megalomaniacal that in his favorite wet dream the Washington Monument has been renamed The Weiner Monument.


A normal person, if somebody who has a penchant for sending photos of his manhood to strangers he`s met online can be called normal, would have never entered the race for mayor of New York City only a couple of years after he resigned from Congress in disgrace.

Weiner seems to thrive under the chaos and media attention that follows him at every campaign stop. He doesn`t seem to care that he`s sinking in the polls as long as he`s still the center of attention.

It can perhaps be understood if an 18-year-old raging with hormones has a compulsion to engage in sexting with strangers online, but Weiner is a 48-year-old man with a gorgeous wife and a young son.

Weiner doesn`t have the integrity, discipline or self-control to pull out of the mayoral race, and he will stay in it to the bitter end, aided by his enabling and shameless wife.

Weiner needs to come to terms with the fact that he`s a freak and a pervert, and he would be well-advised to give up any aspirations that he will ever again attain political office.

It`s time for this middle-aged freak to make a career change, and try his luck as an adult movie star. Many would argue that for a politician to become an adult movie star would be step up. Is there a more ideal job for Weiner, his penis would be the focus of everyone`s attention?

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