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Published:July 26th, 2013 20:22 EST

Top Ten List Of Most Inappropriate Jobs For Anthony Weiner

By Robert Paul Reyes

Anthony Weiner`s political career is over, he will never be able to overcome the public`s perception that he is a pervert.



Weiner needs a new career; here are ten occupations that he shouldn`t consider under any circumstances:


Marriage counselor


Roman Catholic priest:


The freak would spend all his time hearing the confessions of the female members of his congregation and ignore all his other responsibilities.


Teacher of Internet etiquette at a high school


Driving Instructor:


Do you really want to know which gear shift knob Weiner would instruct his female students to pull if they wanted to go reverse?


Cab Driver:


Carlos Danger would be guilty of profiling; he would only pickup young female fares.


Speedo Model




The perv would demand that every female ask him "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"


Carnival or nightclub barker:


Weiner would scare away potential customers.


Fortune teller:


Heaven only knows what this fool would use as a fortune ball.


Pop Singer:


Weiner would be singing soprano the first time he tried to pick up an underage fan.


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