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Published:July 28th, 2013 13:35 EST

Should It Be A Crime For Drivers To Slow Down For Streetwalkers?

By Robert Paul Reyes

I"taly`s highest court has thrown out the conviction and fine of a prospective customer who slowed down for streetwalkers in Abruzzo.


The city`s mayor instituted fines of between 250 and 500 euros ($660) for drivers who slow down to cruise prostitutes walking on city streets."


It`s an outrage upstanding citizens are fined for slowing down to gawk at streetwalkers in Italy.

First of all maybe they are slowing down for safety considerations,  working girls have a tendency to wander from the sidewalk onto the street.

Even if drivers slow down to admire the strumpets, it`s neither a sin nor a crime to look. These gentlemen might only be window-shopping, seeking only to be invigorated so they can go home and make love to their wives.

It`s one thing to slow down, and quite another to stop and pick up one of these young wenches.

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