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Published:July 29th, 2013 16:44 EST

Anthony Weiner Will Rise Again! In Selfies, Not Politics

By Robert Paul Reyes

"No one ever accused Spirit Airlines of being classy.

After all, the Florida-based airline sells wine in a can for $7 and has installed coach seats that don`t adjust.


Spirit is fortifying its brazen image with new ads that play off the birth of Britain`s royal baby as well as the latest misadventures of New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

One ad proclaims, `The Weiner rises again,` alongside an image of a hot dog wearing a mask and suggestive hat."

Los Angeles Times

A wine in a can ain`t exactly classy; maybe Spirit Airlines can give each passenger a snake in a can, dubbed "weiner in a can." The Spirit Airlines cartoon weiner is wearing a mask as homage to the "Carlos Danger" moniker, and a cap that looks like a condom.

For the disgraced former congressman to run for Mayor of New York City is as inappropriate as Weiner attending a synagogue wearing a skull cap that looks like a condom.  Maybe that will be Weiner`s next publicity stunt, he`s made a mockery of politics, why not commit sacrilege against  Judaism?

Weiner may rise again, but not in politics. I see Weiner rising again only in selfies that he will send to foolish young women.

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