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Published:July 31st, 2013 13:18 EST

KFC 7-Foot Bucket Mysteriously Appears In Lady's Front Lawn: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"You may have heard about that Georgia family who walked out of their house to find a gigantic Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket sitting on their front lawn.  


Now, the family is in for another surprise.  KFC is offering the family a free fried chicken picnic to go with that bucket.

Georgia resident Aleena Headrick discovered the 7-foot-tall bucket, which mysteriously appeared on her property last Thursday. Ultimately, it was revealed that her landlord, who collects signs, put the bucket there without telling her."

FOX News

I am of the opinion that life is basically absurd, and I accept ridiculous turn of events with a grain of salt. My house is pink, and my front lawn is adorned with pink flamingoes. If a gigantic KFC bucket mysteriously appeared on my front lawn, it wouldn`t seem that much out of place. I would simply wonder if the huge bucket was full of fried chicken.

Aleena Headrick is a woman after my own heart; she wasn`t particularly disturbed by the giant bucket. She noted that now it would be much easier for friends to find her house.

It turns out that the colossal bucket of fried chicken wasn`t dropped by a UFO, and it wasn`t a take-out order that fell from Oprah Winfrey`s roof rack, it was placed in Headrick`s front yard by her country bumpkin clueless landlord.

I commend KFC for taking advantage of this curious incident to publicize their delicious chicken. I am willing for KFC to install a giant bucket on my front yard, as long as I get free chicken.

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