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Published:July 31st, 2013 08:28 EST
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What`s the Evidence Against Joshua Young In Murder of His Stepbrother, Trey Zwicker?

By John G. Kays

The charges against Joshua Young are complicity to murder and complicity to tampering with physical evidence in the May 10, 2011 beating death of his stepbrother, Trey Zwicker. Josh Young`s trial begins in earnest today in Louisville, Kentucky, when we`ll finally (possibly) learn what the prosecutors have on him, that`s verifiable, tangible, hard evidence. 

I`m not too sure about this complicity stuff; never even heard of such charges in any previous case. Furthermore, it`s a little odd to me that not one single item (as to Josh`s role in the murder) has been alluded to in the press!

Well, perhaps the State has done a good job with security, keeping a tight lid on what they have and not leaking it to the busy-body media. But still! The only version of the cruel event we`ve heard so far, is that of the Charles Manson-Like maniac, Papa Josh Gouker, who has the appearance, from footage of his sentencing, to be diminishing in his former intimidating, scariness stature. 

Well, his goatee has been shaved and his eyes look sunken and hollow; Gouker is Skull-Fooked for life, at this point in time! A zonked, crispy-critter Zombie doomed permanently to the Ice House of Kentucky!

Yea, not even a scrap on Josh Jr so far; was he there with Trey behind Liberty High? What did he say to classmates at school after the news broke that Trey`s body was found? Did he help Daddy to get rid of evidence? And what`s this about a silver gun that wasn`t a revolver, Josh had mentioned to detectives? Did it belong to Daddy? Had he ever used it in a crime of any sorts? Things are just too fuzzy for me! Gonna walk unless Kentucky`s got a smokin` gun we don`t know about!

What does his stepmom, Amanda Campbell, know? If anybody would know, it would have to be Amanda, who`s already testified what a total monster Gouker is. Josh Sr tortured and killed the family dog and cat; did Josh Jr have anything to do with that? 

Linda Lanham, Josh Jr`s aunt and sister to his deceased mother, Angelica Young (Linda claims she died of an accidental drug overdose in June of 2010), told Jane Velez-Mitchell yesterday that Josh and Trey got along good and would often play together.

While Linda Lanham couldn`t know everything that went on in this weird household, perhaps Amanda Campbell does know quite a bit more, such as how good or how bad Josh and Trey got along. And it was revealed by Linda Lanham, that Gouker controlled Josh Jr with an iron grip, not hardly allowing her to visit her nephew and get him some new tennis shoes (which was one example she gave of the control-freak at work, Daddy Gouker).

Also, I wonder how good Amanda Campbell and Josh Jr got along, since she was his stepmother and all? And was Amanda aware that Gouker was smoking pot with the two youngsters? Don`t see how she could be out of the loop on everything that was going on!

This whole situation is kind of crazy, you`ll have to admit. Hopefully, the trial will clear things up a bit, but still I wonder. Just letting this monster back on the street is insanity, but letting him get custody of his boy over his aunt is another sidebar worthy of exploration. 

And then we have Terry Zwicker, Trey`s biological father, who had some bad things to say about both father and son (when talking to Jane on HLN two days ago); yet, it looks like he was mostly out of the picture during those final days, the Spring of 2011. 

Come to think of it, Terry`s name was mentioned at the crime scene by Trey, which may be what set Gouker off into a homicidal rage. No, it`s back to the drawing board for myself; just can`t put the puzzle pieces together just yet!