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Published:August 1st, 2013 10:52 EST

French Mayor Shocked to Discover He Unknowingly Approved Gay Gated Village

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A French mayor said Tuesday he was shocked that planning permission he had given for a gated village for people over 50 will be marketed to the gay community. The developers said the idea to re-orientate the marketing only came on Monday."




You mean the mayor didn`t get a clue when the brochure depicted lavender gates surrounding the development and security guards dressed in hot pants and halter tops?

But seriously...

I`m heterosexual, but I wouldn`t mind living in a gay gated community for people over 50. Think about it: No bawling babies, no teens playing loud music...

The developer said the mayor had not been informed of the community`s gay orientation because the decision had not been made until the last moment.

Hmm, I kind of doubt that! You might wait until the last moment to decide how much to charge for rent per unit, but you ain`t gonna decide at the last moment to market the gated village as a gay mecca.

But I don`t see why the mayor has his panties in a bunch: Live and let live!

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