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Published:August 1st, 2013 08:16 EST
Was Trey Zwicker Bludgeoned To Death with a Lead Pipe, or Was It a Baseball Bat?

Was Trey Zwicker Bludgeoned To Death with a Lead Pipe, or Was It a Baseball Bat?

By John G. Kays

Yesterday I was thinking about a common lead pipe, today I`m conjuring up a basic bloody baseball bat as the murder weapon for Trey Zwicker, in the energy-charged trial of 17-year-old Joshua Young. I wonder which one was used to exact the shockingly brutal blunt force trauma to the head, face, and neck of poor, innocent 14-year-old Trey Zwicker; or could it be both, if two assailants were working at the same time? Father and son teamed to kill a boy not of their same blood, seen as an outsider, too virtuous to participate in their mutual shenanigans of mischief!

It was Erin White the prosecutor for Kentucky, in her opening statement yesterday (in Louisville, Kentucky), who put this (blood-curdling) thought in my head, I mean the bit about changing out the lead pipe for a Louisville slugger. I feel like I`m playing Clue here; that is, the prosecutor has her doubts also as to the real weapon utilized by the killers, when they lured their victim down by a creek, behind a local high school. News footage of the crime scene (dating from May 11, 2011) gave me a much better idea of how this horrific crime went down (thanks HLN!).

I`m still just lining up my ducks here, trying to get the story straight; the extended family is very large with grandmothers, aunts, fathers, mothers, sons, detectives, and lawyers all throwing in their two cents worth. All opinions are valuable, but I`m starting to notice a pattern here. The Zwicker side of the equation are painting a picture of a devious and mischievous, if not a misdirected little boy, you know, Josh Young. Well, some are saying he was distant and cool (machine-like), really incapable of any normal feelings for others.

I took this as a sign he might be a budding sociopath; and what with his mother (Angelica Young) dying from a drug overdose (in June of 2010) and his demented, sadistic father (who he greatly admired) busting out of the slammer (Gouker is released on September 29, 2010) and taking custody of him, he had no choice in the matter, but to morph to the Dark-Side, which is what he did, if you buy what the prosecution is arguing. Oddly enough, I`m currently persuaded in this direction, unless the defense can cure me of this malady!

The thing is, the prosecution has Cassie Gouker, their Star Witness, which makes her as important as say, Linda Kasabian was, way back in the Manson Murder Trials (1970), for you old timers (like me). Cassie should be able to tie Josh Jr to the murder, the complicity charge (I mean), since she was awakened that May night and asked to aid in the disposition of a bloody baseball bat and some soiled, gory clothing, used on poor, innocent Trey Zwicker. Linda knew every excruciating detail about Tate, and I wouldn`t be surprised if Cassie can take us back in time to a terrifying moment in Louisville.

Just to play Devil`s Advocate, or perhaps that`s the stronger position to take, but it looks like the prosecution will be able to prove that Josh Young was a willing participant in the face to face, personal bludgeoning murder of his stepbrother. One might recall, it was Daddy who initially implicated his biological son; I`m of the opinion, initial confessions are often the true ones.

It`s almost as if a vicious criminal will freely spill the beans when pressured by detectives (under the hot lamp), as if they`ve swallowed some kind of medicine, some concoction of Truth Syrup! Perhaps you won`t buy that; strong expresso coffee can induce you to dream up most any type of fantastical fabrication! Maybe that`s what`s wrong with me this morning? You can add to that temperatures hitting 102 degrees here in Austin, but I bet ya it`ll get much hotter up in Kentucky today!