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Published:August 2nd, 2013 08:13 EST
Amanda McFarland Testifies That Josh Gouker Was In Bed With Her Until 1:30 AM! Huh?

Amanda McFarland Testifies That Josh Gouker Was In Bed With Her Until 1:30 AM! Huh?

By John G. Kays

With Amanda McFarland`s (formerly Amanda Campbell) testimony yesterday, I`m probably more confused now than ever before, with regards to how Trey Zwicker`s murder went down on May 11, 2011. I suspected earlier this week that when Amanda got on the witness stand, things would begin to clear up a bit; boy was I wrong! One baffling scenario, is that she remembered that Big Josh was still in the sack up to 1:30 AM, when she finally dosed off. The other surprise, is that she caught Trey trying to sneak out of the house earlier in the evening.

Amanda McFarland`s unexpected remembrance of events, associated with the night (or perhaps it was morning) her own precious son was beaten to death, has us scrambling as to the way this murder went down; you know, the timeline, such as when the salient parties departed from their household and made this weird beeline over to a popular creek, behind Liberty High School. The whole scene is just odd to me; I`m having trouble picturing it in my mind!

Okay, so maybe you feel the same way about it. Did Big Daddy Josh sneak out after 1:30 AM and take Trey along with him (just to smoke some pot in the middle of the night)? Huh? Or did Trey sneak out on his own earlier, after he`d already been busted by his mother for trying to get out of the house? What was so important that Trey would be utterly motivated to behave (really misbehave) in this fashion? Was Big Josh pushing his bothered button?

And where was the smaller Josh during this entire timeframe (the evening of May 10th, 2011)? Did Amanda see him at home that night? Was it possibly Josh Young who lured Trey to the deadly creek bed? I mean, if Gouker was in the sack with Amanda, then why wouldn`t it have been Josh Young who scammed Trey into rendezvousing into the woody regions behind the school? I wonder what Trey was told; it had to be a tall tale to induce him to sneak out a second time, being disobedient (once again) to his mother. This is very strange, though.

Does this imply or even suggest that it was really Josh who killed Trey, possibly when ordered to do so by his father? The motive, floating around in the media, is that Amanda had aborted Gouker`s child, and he wanted to exact revenge on his wife by killing her natural son, who she`d had by a different father (Terry Zwicker). This too is very strange, but it`s what we`re hearing; my own take on this obscure motive, is that Gouker actually was getting even with Terry Zwicker, since Terry did have a son with Amanda, while he couldn`t.

By the same token, if you don`t mind falling mercilessly down this twisted rabbit hole (of the criminal mind), it stands to reason, Big Josh would order his own natural son to perform the ritual sacrifice on an innocent boy, who somehow got caught up in the crossfire of dysfunctional family rivalries. You might even think of the Hatfields and McCoys, although not perfectly analogous, who thought nothing of killing each other`s kinfolk, just to keep the feud going strong. True, this is far-fetched, but what isn`t far-fetched in this case?

I mean, some are saying Josh Young was a very cold pickle; Amanda made it clear yesterday, Trey and Josh didn`t really get along too good. But was Josh capable of killing his stepbrother? Shelly Stewart`s (Trey`s grandmother) impression of Josh Jr. is that he was distant and cold, incapable of compassion or feeling for anybody. Is this correct, though? Was he a budding sociopath, who crossed over the threshold of normalcy, once Daddy got out of the Big House and assumed command of his drifting life?